Student Government Association


Sampson Community College promotes free discussion, inquiry and self-expression, and upholds the personal freedom and general welfare of the members of the student body. The Student Government Association (SGA) of Sampson Community College is the official student governing organization of the College. Student activities are an important part of the total development of the individual student.

The SGA plans and coordinates fun activities, special events, and educational programming throughout the academic year. Opportunities for engagement increase students’ awareness of personal capabilities and further develop leadership skills. All curriculum students by virtue of their registration are members of the Student Government Association of Sampson Community College.


Within their capacity as representatives of the student body, the Sampson Community College Student Government Association, also known as SGA, fulfills a range of responsibilities such as:

  • Chartering and regulating student clubs and organizations on campus
  • Providing student activities like Fall Festival, Spring Fling, Welcome Back Celebrations, the Jingle Bell Rock and other exciting events on campus
  • Coordinating community service projects such as collection drives
  • Representing interests and concerns of the student body by serving on college-wide committees made up of students, faculty, administrators and staff members.


The objectives of the Student Government Association are:

  • To promote the welfare of the students.
  • To establish laws to govern student conduct and elections.
  • To establish an annual budget for the Activity Fee Fund.
  • To advise and work with the administration in the improvement of student life.


  • All curriculum students by virtue of their registration are members of the Student Government Association of Sampson Community College.
  • All students required to pay an activity fee to this College shall be eligible to vote in all Student Government Association elections during their period of enrollment.

Get Involved

Attend SGA Meetings

Dates and times of meetings are posted on the digital signs throughout campus.

Express Your Voice

Have an idea to improve campus life? Share your thoughts by calling or emailing SGA Advisor Meagan Sessoms. Her information is below.

Join a Club or Organization

Review the list of clubs and organizations that might appeal to you. Contact the advisor if you are interested in joining.

Participate in Events

The SGA organizes many of the major events on campus. Look for flyers and announcements throughout campus. Also, visit the college events calendar for dates and times.

Read The Viking Voice

“The Viking Voice” is a monthly campus newsletter that informs students of upcoming events/activities on campus. Look for hard copies throughout campus or read it online.


Meagan Sessoms, Student Services Administrative Assistant/SGA Advisor

910-592-8081 ext. 2018

Student Services | North Building

Jeffery Bonilla, 24-25 SGA President