Make a Payment

Payment of Tuition & Fees

The North Carolina Community College System has established the following policies:

  1. Tuition and fees for each semester are payable on the date of registration.
  2. A student who has an outstanding balance is not eligible for registration. This includes any outstanding balance at another institution of the North Carolina Community College System.
  3. No student will be allowed to graduate, receive a diploma or certificate, or a transcript of his or her record, nor will any information concerning his or her record be forwarded to another institution or other person so long as the delinquent account is outstanding.

Pay Online

After registering for classes via Self-Service, students can pay for classes online using Self-Service. You will select the first option in the top left – “Student Finance”

Pay In-Person

After registering for classes via WebAdvisor, students may also pay in-person in the Finance Office. The Finance Office is responsible for the collection of all payments for tuition, fees, fines, and other educational costs borne by the student. The Finance Office is located on the first floor of the North Building.

Finance Office

(910) 900-4305

Business-Sponsored Students

The tuition charge for students who qualify as residents of the State of North Carolina is less than the charge for non-resident students. When an employer (other than the armed services) pays tuition for an employee to attend a community college and the employee works at a North Carolina business location, the employer shall be charged the in-state tuition rate (G.S. 115D-39).

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