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Safety & Security

It is the policy of the college to provide a safe and healthful environment for students, visitors, and employees and to strive to improve the quality and conditions on the campus that are necessary to achieve this goal.


The information contained in this manual (and supporting website) has been prepared to provide the faculty and staff with an understanding of the college’s concern for protecting employees from job-related injuries or health impairments, to prevent accidents and fires on the campus, to inform employees of appropriate emergency medical procedures and plans, to monitor workplace hygiene and sanitation, and to promote the adoption of campus practices which are designed to reduce employee exposure to unwarranted and unnecessary threats to their health and safety. The information is also provided to assist in extending these protections to the students and visitors to the campus.


Sampson Community College is committed to providing a secure campus environment for all members of the college community. The College operates as a commuting institution and does not provide dormitories and The following information is intended to summarize the College’s response to the requirements of the Clery Act, as amended in 2000, and to define institutional policies and procedures for campus security and crime reporting.

Under a cooperative agreement with the City of Clinton, the College has one full-time and number of part-time Clinton Police Officers assigned to the campus to provide security, traffic control, and assist with criminal investigations. These officers are available to help address student concerns and to provide a visible law enforcement presence on the campus. The campus security office is located off of the game room on the first floor of the Warren Student Center. An officer can be paged by calling the campus switchboard or through one of the emergency call stations located in selected parking lots. Students who wish to discuss specific security concerns, report criminal activity, or seek the advice of a law enforcement professional may make an appointment directly with an officer or through Student Services.

Student Right-to-Know & Campus Security Act of 1990

The information in this section summarizes the College’s policies and programs intended to promote campus safety and to comply with the provisions of the 1990 Campus Security Act and the 1998 Clery Act and their amendments.

Questions concerning campus security, crime reporting, or the College’s compliance with The Clery Act and its amendments should be directed to the Dean of Student Services located in the Student Services Division, North Building, or the Vice President of Administration, North Building Administrative Offices. Both administrative offices may be reached by calling 910.592.8081.

In compliance with the requirements of Clery Act, the following crime statistics are provided to inform the campus community about the occurrence of crimes on the campus and within the City of Clinton for the noted three-year period.

Murder/Non-Negligent Manslaughter000
Sex Offenses000
Aggravated Assault000
Motor Vehicle Theft000
Liquor Law Violations000
Drug Law Violations520
Illegal Weapons Possession010

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