Quality Enhancement Plan

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What is QEP?

The Quality Enhancement Plan or QEP is a multi-year project to improve an important aspect of student learning or success through broad-based involvement and is a requirement of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

SCC’S Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Summary

Students at Sampson Community College (SCC) vary in their technical, organizational, and communication skills, all of which can have an impact on their academic success. In addition, attending college in a COVID-normal society, where quarantines are waiting around every corner, is considered somewhat uncharted waters. Through the review of institutional data, national literature, student focus groups, and campus-wide survey results, the QEP Discovery Team realized that creating a culture of online student support is pivotal to the SCC Viking experience and charting the path forward to academic success. Therefore, the topic “Boosting Students’ Supplemental Resources and Supports” was officially identified, and the planning process began.

The overall goal of SCC’s QEP, The Viking CREW (Connected and Ready for Education on the Web), focuses on boosting student supports and resources in order to improve student success in gateway English and math courses. In order to facilitate this endeavor, Sampson will utilize the following approaches:

  1. Create engaging online courses that prioritize communication and align individual instructors strengths (with respect for their unique content) and student needs.
  2. Prepare students for online courses by setting expectations, explaining course functions, and teaching skills for online student success.

Goal 1: Improve Success Rates for Online Curriculum Course by 5%:


Personalizing and enhancing the SCC Viking online experience so that students can be fully aware of steps needed to be academically successful. Emphasis will be placed upon:

  1. Implement a student online readiness certification, Crew Course, to prepare students for online courses by setting expectations, explaining course functions, and teaching skills for online student success.
  2. Implement an online certification program, Viking Navigator, to equip faculty to produce online courses that utilize best practices for online instruction.
Student Learning Outcomes
    • SLO 1.1 — CREWmates will identify key skills in resilience, responsibility, and communication essential for succeeding in online courses.
    • SLO 1.2 — CREWmates will demonstrate understanding of computer and digital literacy skills, such as user interface navigation, file management, and system and software requirements, to be ready for successful online course participation.
    • SLO 1.3 — CREWmates will demonstrate understanding of Moodle navigation: login, tool use (email, discussions, video), assignment submission, online assessments, and resolving connectivity issues for effective online learning.
    • Instructional Outcome — Navigators will produce online courses that utilize best practices, enhanced communication, and engaging content.