Federal Pell Grant

The Federal Pell Grant is available to eligible U.S. Citizens or permanent residents who are enrolled in an eligible curriculum. The Federal Pell Grant awards range from $925 to $7,395 for the 2023-2024 academic year. To apply for Federal Pell Grant, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


Year-Round Pell

Effective in the 2017-2018 award year, the Federal Pell Grant allows students to receive 150% of the student’s scheduled award for an award year. Sampson Community College awards Year-Round Pell as a trailer program, meaning aid for the current year is award and disbursed in the following order: fall, spring and lastly summer semester. A Year-Round Pell student enrolled at SCC is a student who was enrolled full-time and received 100% of their Pell Grant entitlement during both the fall and spring semesters. Students who are considered Year-Round Pell must be enrolled at least half-time (6 credits or more) in the summer for which the student receives the additional Federal Pell Grant Funds. Additional Federal Pell Grant Funds will be included in the students 600% Pell Lifetime Eligibility.


Host Institution vs. Home Institution

Students cannot receive Federal Aid or State Aid at more than one institution at a time.  Financial Aid should be disbursed from the “Home” institution and not at the “Host” institution.  The “Home” institution is defined as “the college that the student is planning to complete his/her degree.”  The result of a student charging/receiving funds from two institutions during a semester will result in an over-payment and the student will be required to pay back funds.

Pell Grant Award Based on Enrollment

Federal Pell Grant is awarded based on full-time enrollment of 12 or more credit hours. Awards are prorated if enrollment is less than full-time.

  • Full-time Enrollment (12 or more credit hours) – 100% Award
  • Three-fourths time Enrollment (9 – 11 credit hours) – 75% Award
  • Half-time Enrollment (6 – 8 credit hours) – 50% Award
  • Less than half-time Enrollment (1 – 5 credit hours) – Prorated based on Pell chart schedule

Tuition, fees, books and supplies will be deducted from your award each semester. After the 30% of the semester, the Financial Aid Office will verify each student’s attendance and will authorize an excess check of the remaining balance of unused funds for the semester. Students that audit or never attend a class are not eligible for Federal Pell Grant.

Pell Grant Checks

Pell Grant refund checks are issued by the Finance Office (located in North Building). Visit the Refund Checks page for disbursement dates and updates.

Availability of Pell Grant refund checks may be affected if SCC is forced to close due to inclement weather.

Repayment Policy

You may be required to repay a percentage of these funds if you withdraw, drop out, or are dismissed from all classes prior to completing 60% of the semester. The Financial Aid Office will recalculate eligibility and you will be notified if there is a balance to repay.  If you charged books and other materials in the bookstore using federal or state aid, these charges will also be considered in the calculation.  You will be responsible for paying the outstanding balance after the calculation has been determined.  You will not be allowed to register for classes or receive a transcript until the outstanding balance is paid in full.  Withdrawing may also affect future financial aid eligibility.  Please speak to a financial aid staff before withdrawing from classes at SCC.

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