Last week, on Tuesday, January 10, 2023, the Sampson Community College (SCC) Board of Trustees met for the first time in the new year. The focus of this meeting was to inform the board of current events involving the status of multiple projects and events that are currently underway at SCC.

Dr. Bill Starling, President of SCC, informed the board of some potential capital projects that the College is expecting in the future. With these developments, it would help position SCC to better serve our students and surrounding community.

Dr. Starling stated, “This year we will continue to develop the truck driving campus in the industrial park.  Using state funds provided by the General Assembly, we are adding a 5,000-sq. ft. service building to further support truck driving and related programs.  We have recently received almost $500,000 in grant funding from the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges to develop a heavy equipment training program which will operated on the 41-acre campus in the park.” 

Dr. Marvin Rondon, Dean of Student Services, addressed the board stating that for the fifth consecutive year SCC’s enrollment has been stable. This is a notable achievement due to the circumstances of having shifts in the educational atmosphere due to the pandemic. Now on the opposite side of the pandemic, we can thank our faculty and staff for their dedication to ensuring everyone has equal opportunity at higher education.

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SCC Board of Trustees convene in the Occupational Building Room 137 for their January 2023 meeting.

Lisa Turlington, Dean of Advancement, also updated the Board on some of the grant opportunities SCC has taken advantage of in the last year. Those developments include funding for capital projects, potential program enhancements, as well as scholarship opportunities for students through SCC’s Foundation Scholarship.

“With advocacy from Congressman Rouzer the College received a $2.6 million award through USDA to expand programming and space in the Activity Center.” Turlington stated. “Dominion Energy has awarded $150,000 for direct student aid and a second-year grant of $69,000 for a summer bridge program. SCC was awarded $425,000 from the state to launch a heavy equipment operator program, and a proposal has been submitted for a subgrant award to support a solar energy training program. With support from our funding partners, the College is able to expand and implement relevant workforce training to promote regional economic development.“

Dr. Starling concluded by thanking local community members, partners, and state leaders for their support. “None of these programs would have been possible without the support of the Clinton 100 Committee and the local industry partners who have helped support our grant applications and funding conversations.  We also want to thank Senator Jackson and Representative Brisson for their support of our efforts to develop higher cost occupational training programs.”   

SCC is excited for what the new year will bring to our campus to help grow the community footprint in Sampson County.

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