Viser Continues as Devoted SCC Advocate

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As a longtime member of the Sampson Community College (SCC) Foundation Board, Dr. Paul Viser has dedicated years of service to helping cultivate community support for SCC and participating in giving campaigns. For Viser, fundraising and philanthropic-focused organizations often take the helm of his civic commitment. Joining the SCC Board of Trustees allowed him the opportunity to impact change in a different way. Viser says he welcomed the opportunity to join a policymaking, operations board.

Roles and responsibilities of the SCC Board of Trustees includes the oversight of the community college president, the creation of admission and graduation standards, and other policy making decisions.

“It’s important to have buy-in,” Viser commented. “We talk about things and debate, but people agree on the path forward. And that’s important to us. The public needs to know that things are done well, that things are done fairly, and that people have a voice.”

Viser hopes to continue being “close to the action” and making a tangible difference in Sampson County. (Photo Credit, Cheyenne McNeill)

Viser is no stranger to civic and foundation involvement. His service includes membership with the UNC Medical Foundation and the UNC Arts and Sciences Foundation. Locally, Viser currently serves as President of Sampson Partners and as Annual Giving Co-Chair for the SCC Foundation Board. In Sampson County and beyond, Viser’s dedication remains evident.

Dean of Advancement and Executive Director of the Foundation, Lisa Turlington, says Viser’s dedication to SCC extends even into his eagerness to create relationships with SCC employees and students.

“Paul’s dedication to the college is clear in his service on the Board of Trustees and on the Foundation Board, where he has served in many roles including President and Annual Giving chairman,” Turlington remarked. “His enthusiasm for education and workforce training makes him a strong ambassador for the college, but he also makes a point of connecting and building relationships with staff, faculty, and students.”

Viser says it is easy to give back and dedicate time to a place like SCC. He says even without considering its central location, the college’s mission and its limitless resources are clear selling points.

“It’s easy to get enthusiastic about this institution, and there’s a long track record of people who give back here,” Viser commented. “What could be more important than taking young adults and teenagers and helping them develop into productive and engaged citizens?”

Viser says his main goal as a member of the Board of Trustees is to be helpful. Though he may not be an educator, his years of experience in community, civic, and development organizations allow him to offer valuable perspective to the group.

President of SCC, Dr. Bill Starling, says that Viser has been an asset to the college in every area. Most notably, Starling says Viser is committed to creating personal relationships at SCC.

“Dr. Viser understands eastern North Carolina and the challenges that many of our families face each day,” Starling commented. “Always an enthusiastic cheerleader of our graduates, he’s also interested in matching the faces of the staff and faculty with their names from graduation programs. He really wants to understand and appreciate the personal efforts that our folks make to teach, train, and graduate students.”

Whether it is seeing a new building on campus or recognizing a Foundation Scholar working in a local business, Viser appreciates that SCC makes a visible local impact. Getting to be a part of that impact is simply a bonus.

About Sampson Community College: Sampson Community College is a member of the North Carolina Community College System, located in Clinton, NC in Sampson County. The college offers many programs to include two-year degrees, college transfer, continuing education and workforce development options, and early college education.