Torwanna Coe Retires from SCC After 20 Years

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Torwanna Cole

Since 2003, Torwanna Coe has served the students of Sampson Community College (SCC) as a full-time Early Childhood Education instructor in the Education, Business, and Human Services Technology department. After twenty years of service at SCC, and countless more working within Early Childhood Education, Coe proudly plans to retire on August 1, 2023.

Over the course of her career, Coe has served in various roles within the Early Childhood setting, including Center Director, Transition Coordinator, and Caseworker. She holds both an Associates and Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education, in addition to a Masters in Preschool/Primary Education from Nova Southeastern University.

Working directly with young children for almost ten years before transitioning to higher education, Coe served as the Professional Development Coordinator at SCC before taking her current instructor position in 2003. She explained that her altruism was what drove her to apply all those years ago, and what has led her to stay at the College ever since.

“I love helping others, and I just love children and people in general,” Coe explained. “I enjoyed teaching children, and I knew I wanted to teach adults how to teach children. This was the perfect job for me.”

During her time at SCC, Coe shared that one of her fondest memories has been attending the College’s graduation ceremony every year. Not only is she able to celebrate the accomplishments of her students, but meet their families and witness how proud they are of their graduate’s hard work– just like she is.

Coe voiced of her students, “I consider it an honor and so rewarding to be able to prepare them to be great teachers. Being a positive role model and having the opportunity to mold children and future teachers has been rewarding.”

2023 05 26 torwanna cole
Torwanna Coe is retiring from SCC after 20 years as an Early Childhood Education instructor.

According to Dr. Susan Baxter, Division Chair of Education, Business & Human Services Technology at SCC, Coe has always provided “an open office door, a listening ear, great advice, and class assistance” to students, faculty, and staff alike—advising, mentoring, and teaching hundreds of pupils during her time at the College. Baxter expressed that Coe will be deeply missed by all at SCC, and she wishes her well in her future endeavors.

“It has been my honor and pleasure to work with Torwanna for many years,” Baxter lavished. “I am proud to call her both a colleague and a friend. She has been such a valuable asset to the Early Childhood Department, the Education, Business, and Human Services Technology Division and the College as a whole. She has a great co-worker who has always been willing to pitch in and do whatever is needed to get the task done. Torwanna will be dearly missed, but I am excited for her and wish her all the very best on her exciting next chapter in life.”

Echoing Baxter’s appreciation, Coe mentioned that she has been so fortunate to work with such an amazing group of people in the Education, Business, and Human Services Department over the years, but also at SCC in general. In her eyes, her colleagues have truly become just like family over the years.

With her retirement swiftly approaching, Coe expressed that she is highly looking forward to the chance to travel and spend time with her family, including her three grandchildren. To Coe, working at SCC all these years has truly been worth it, and she’ll miss working with her colleagues every day. However, she stated that she’ll miss training future Early Childhood teachers most of all.

“When you love your job, it doesn’t feel like work. I am thankful for the opportunity that was afforded to me to work at such a wonderful institution. I will truly miss the faculty, staff, and students.”

Torwanna Coe

Coe leaves students with this piece of advice, “Follow your dreams and never let anyone tell you that you can’t succeed and whatever you want to do. Always let God lead you.”

Sampson CC extends its immense gratitude to Torwanna for all her years of service. The College is grateful she decided to apply back in 2003 and has truly been blessed by her work ever since. She leaves an impact on both faculty, staff, students, and the institution as a whole. SCC wishes her well in all her future endeavors, and thanks her for aiding in the College’s mission for students to, “Begin Here, Go Anywhere.”

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