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Taylor Hill

Taylor Hill, a rising sophomore at Sampson Early College High School (SECHS), was recently elected as the new Student Government Association (SGA) President for both Sampson Community College (SCC) and SECHS for the 2022-2023 academic year. On July 12, she was officially sworn-in to SCC’s Board of Trustees, where she will also serve as a student representative on the College’s governing body during the upcoming semesters.

The SGA is the official student-governing organization of SCC and its neighboring high school. Its overall purpose is to promote the general welfare of the student body. With the guidance and leadership of Amanda Raynor, Student Engagement & Enrollment Coordinator at SCC, the SGA works to coordinate fun activities; special events; and educational programming throughout the academic year, as well as create laws that govern student conduct and elections; oversee the annual budget for the Activity Fee Fund; and advise and work with SCC’s administration.

Taylor Hill, SCC’s SGA President for the 2022-2023 academic year
Taylor Hill, SCC’s SGA President for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Hill began attending SECHS in 2021, after transferring from Sampson Middle School just before her freshman year of high school. She heard about the Early College through a school assembly and decided to apply because she believed it would help her save money, meet new people, and especially, prepare her for a bright future. While she’s still deciding on her post-graduation plans, Hill knows she definitely wants to graduate from SECHS with an Associate of Science degree in 2026.

She explained, “I want to either graduate with an associate degree or go into the military. I plan to either become a NICU nurse or to enlist in the Air Force. If I do choose to become a NICU nurse, I would like to attend Duke or UNC in the future.”

In addition to being elected SGA President for 2022-2023, Hill has also thrived academically during her first year at SECHS– making either the Honor Roll or President’s List each quarter, receiving the Early College’s Academic Allstar Award, and being inducted into BETA Club. In her free time, she also enjoys dancing for Clinton’s Carolina Dance Company, assisting her local church’s media team, and volunteering during their summer Vacation Bible Schools.

Hill recalled about her first day at SECHS, “When I first started school at Sampson Early College High, I was so nervous because everyone and everything was so new to me and different from how my other school was. But I was really excited on the first day and I thought everyone was so nice. I loved everything about this opportunity!”

Taylor Hill became a part of SCC’S Board of Trustees.
Hill became a part of SCC’S Board of Trustees. (Photo credit/ Brett Feight)

Much like her introduction to the Early College, Hill first learned about the SGA from Amanda Raynor and a schoolwide email sent out encouraging students to submit their candidacy for office. Ultimately, Hill decided to run for a position in the SGA because she believed it would teach her to be a leader, in addition to being a fun way to help run campus events and find out what students love, want, and need.

Head and overseer of the SGA, Raynor voiced that she has high hopes for Hill during her upcoming presidency. With Hill’s passionate, optimistic attitude and foresight, Raynor believes the 2022-2023 academic year is looking bright for both the SGA and SCC’s student body.

“Taylor is eager and dedicated to serving the students of SCC whether on campus or online,” Raynor remarked. “Her enthusiasm for serving others and learning is contagious. I am excited and looking forward to a great school year.”

Through her new role as President, Hill hopes to inspire and assist the students of both SCC and SECHS in completing their education. By focusing on their mental health and supplying them with essential resources, Hill plans to help students at the College succeed, and overall, simply enjoy their schooling.

I hope to bring light to mental health awareness and let everyone know that they have a bright future ahead and so much to live for! I also hope to make the students happy while making sure they get what they need to be successful. I plan to help make sure students know that someone is there for them and provide them with the assets they need to be happy, healthy, confident, and prosperous at SCC.

In a statement of gratitude, Hill explained that she wanted to thank her instructors, Mrs. Warren and Mr. Eichberg, for helping her during her time at SECHS. Not only have they assisted her academically, Hill said, but they’ve helped her grow as a person and pushed her to be the very best version of herself. Hill also stated that she’d like to thank God and her parents for all they’ve done as well, for they truly gave her the confidence to embark on her new journey at the Early College and the SGA.

She expressed, “I would like to thank Mrs. Warren and Mr. Eichberg. They have influenced me to go after my goals and dreams, assisted me with my grades and understanding things better, helped me to be more confident in myself, and encouraged me to try my best at everything I do. I would also like to thank God for giving me this opportunity as well as my parents who always believed in me and helped me have enough courage to run for SGA President.”

(From left) Hill poses with SCC Board of Trustees members Pat Jones, Dr. Paul Viser, and Chris Fann during her appointment and their reappointment to the board. (Photo credit/ Brett Feight)
(From left) Hill poses with SCC Board of Trustees members Pat Jones, Dr. Paul Viser, and Chris Fann during her appointment and their reappointment to the board. (Photo credit/ Brett Feight)

Altogether, Hill encourages other students to become involved in both the SGA and SECHS. They are wonderful opportunities, she remarked, and will each gift you with unforgettable experiences and learning possibilities. Hill is looking forward to the upcoming year and the chance to positively impact students as the College’s new SGA President for 2022-2023.

“I would encourage other students to become involved in the SGA because you’ll get to learn how to be a leader, help others, and meet new people,” she closed. “It may help you to break out of your shell. I would also recommend other students to attend SECHS because it’s such a great experience. You get a free high school and college education, and there are a lot of amazing educational opportunities there as well. Both are wonderful chances students should definitely take.”

Sampson CC is very proud of Taylor, her accomplishments, and her blossoming leadership skills. The College congratulates her on being elected as SGA President for the 2022-2023 academic year and looks forward to seeing all she will do to help SCC’s students succeed.

For more information about how the Student Government Association or Sampson Early College High School, visit www.sampsoncc.edu/sga or www.sampsoncc.edu/earlycollege.

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