Corporal Brianna Martinez Serves with Clinton PD

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[Clinton, N.C.] – Since 1985, Sampson Community College’s (SCC) Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) program has had the privilege of producing some of the finest law enforcement officers across North Carolina. One of those former students is Corporal Brianna Martinez, a 2021 BLET graduate who now serves with the Clinton Police Department.

Graduating from Union High School in 2019, Martinez enrolled in the BLET program at SCC in 2021 with the goal of obtaining her Basic Law Enforcement Training Certificate. A resident of Clinton and member of the Hispanic community, Martinez expressed her desire to create a “mutual understanding” between police and her culture through pursuing a career in law enforcement.

She explained, “My main motivation to pursue a career in law enforcement was to help my local community. I thrive in making a positive impact on people’s lives. Public safety is an important part of that equation, and police officers are in the unique position to assist with ensuring it directly. Lastly but not least, I knew being a Hispanic female would help grow the percentage of Hispanics within the work force. I was very strictly motivated in helping to create a mutual understanding of Police and the Hispanic Community.”

Recalling her experience in BLET, Martinez remarked that her favorite part of the program was the “hands-on training” that it provided. She personally thanked Captain Robert Stroud, BLET Program Qualified Assistant (QA), and the other instructors and cadets who encouraged her throughout her journey and stayed by her side at SCC.

“If there was anyone who pushed me, it was Captain Stroud,” Martinez recounted. “He taught me that the little things can make the big things possible. Captain Stroud made sure I knew he believed in me more than I did myself. I would like to give the instructors a ‘shout out’ for doing a fine job in bringing the program into play.”

In a quote, Anthony Davis, BLET Director & Instructor, remarked on Martinez’ time within the program three years ago, mentioning that she not only performed at the top of her class, but also exemplified the core principles of the BLET academy: Humility, Professionalism, and Integrity. 

He remembered, “Brianna Martinez was at the top of her BLET class in GPA and putting the lessons into field application. Brianna always came to class with an eagerness to be the best she could be, in and out of the classroom. It comes as no surprise that she has been very successful in her career at the Clinton Police Department.”

Corporal Martinez is a former graduate of the BLET program at SCC who successfully went on to serve with the Clinton PD. (Courtesy Photo)

Beginning her career at 20 years old, Martinez currently serves as a Corporal with the Clinton Police Department. During her first year, she led the department in DWI enforcement and two years later, was promoted to Corporal at 22. Her duties consist of supervising other officers within her squad while on patrol, in addition to dispatched calls, incident reports, high priority calls, and wreck reports. If there is a low volume of calls, Martinez remarked that you’ll find her on the road patrolling or completing case files.

“I have had the honor and privilege to serve the City of Clinton and its citizens,” Martinez expressed. “Clinton Police Department has taught me to play multiple roles to help meet the department’s needs and to help further my career. I love serving, not only the community, but my fellow officers and department by sharing my knowledge, cordial personality, and work ethic. I am thankful for Clinton Police Department and its citizens.”

In the future, Martinez hopes to continue promoting higher, eventually reaching the position of Chief of Police or Sherriff. Looking back, she credits SCC’s BLET program with preparing her for her current work, and encourages other individuals who are interested in pursuing law enforcement to enroll.

“The BLET program teaches the basic fundamentals of police work– it will ensure you’ll learn the basics. The program prepares cadets as much as possible. SCC has a marvelous BLET program, and I enjoyed it to the fullest. I will always recommend SCC BLET program to other upcoming and interested cadets.”

Successful completion of the BLET curriculum certificate program requires that students satisfy the minimum requirements for certification by the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission, including 640-hours minimum of instruction and passing the POPAT course. Graduates will possess skills to function as a law enforcement officer in state, county, and municipal governments in North Carolina.

Sampson CC extends its appreciation to Corporal Martinez for her service and commitment to ensuring the safety of our local community. The College is proud to have played a role in her law enforcement career and looks forward to seeing all she will continue to do with the Clinton Police Department.

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