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2021 10 25 Amber Martinez

Sampson Community College (SCC) is excited to welcome Amber Martinez to its Student Services team! Martinez, the newest Transfer and Student Success Coach, recently joined SCC with the desire to help students succeed.

Martinez explained, “As the Success Coach, I try to encourage students to reach out for the support that they may need. I can connect them with tutoring, help them speak to their instructors about missing assignments or things they don’t understand and help them talk through and make a plan for time management or study skills.”

But that’s not all Martinez helps with. She also guides students who are seeking to transfer to a four-year university and aids them during the process. SCC has transfer agreements with several four-year colleges and universities, and Amber strives to connect transfer students to the school they choose.

“I am also here to help students navigate the transfer process when they are considering their next steps after completing their program here,” Martinez continued. “I try to provide opportunities for students to learn about those schools and connect them with the right people at the school of their choice.”

Additionally, Amber also assists the Admissions department with processing applications. She helps make sure students are ready to sign up for classes when registration begins. Martinez even works as an Aviso Administrator and answers multiple questions students may have concerning the software.

“My role is to help students be successful in a variety of ways,” she concluded.

Growing up, Martinez was homeschooled from third grade to twelfth. Afterward, she attended college here at SCC before transferring to Emmanuel College where she obtained her bachelor’s degree.

“Coming to Sampson was the first time I had been in a classroom setting since I was 7 years old,” she stated.

Martinez voiced that her college experience at SCC truly prepared her for attending the four-year school she chose.

Now, as an employee, SCC’s immense focus and dedication to student achievement have been Martinez’s favorite part of the job so far.

She stated, “I love the focus on student success. Each person’s job and personality is different; however, everyone has the same goal of helping students succeed and achieve their goals.”

Sampson Community College welcomes you to the team Amber! We thank you for your dedication, and we’re excited to see all you’ll continue to do to help our students succeed!

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