Joyner Leads with Students and Local Businesses in Mind

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A Sampson County local, Catherine Ezzell Joyner takes her role on the Sampson Community College (SCC) Board of Trustees seriously. For Joyner, serving as President of Ezzell Trucking, Inc. and serving on the Board of Trustees has allowed her to bring the unique perspective of the local business community to the board.

When approached about joining the SCC Board of Trustees, Joyner says she jumped at the chance. Like several other board members, Joyner found much to celebrate and appreciate about the local community college.

“The school’s motto of ‘Begin Here, Go Anywhere’ resonates across our community: education is so integral in all aspects of life, and I truly believe everyone should consider themselves a lifelong learner,” Joyner commented. “SCC offers individuals the chance to achieve their goals in life.”

Joyner says that her experience in leadership and service have taught her the value of honesty and commitment. (Photo Credit, Cheyenne M. Davis)

For Joyner, being a driving force for the changes that positively impact the local community is only a benefit of the work done by the Board of Trustees. Joyner’s advocacy for students and local businesses go hand in hand as a member of the Board of Trustees. She was instrumental in advocating for the Transportation Basics program, a hybrid program for high school students interested in the Truck Driver Training program.

Lisa Turlington, Dean of Advancement & Executive Director of the Foundation, agrees.

“Catherine brings industry perspective and business acumen to the board, and her work experience and knowledge of the regional labor force are assets for the college,” Turlington remarked.

Joyner believes that each member of the Board of Trustees has the best interest of SCC students and Sampson County at heart when making decisions and as discussions arise. As President of Ezzell Trucking, Inc., Joyner has seen firsthand how pivotal good leadership is to any organization.

“Leaders lead by example: they provide guidance to others in their organization while working alongside their peers, helping to drive the entire organization forward,” Joyner remarked.

These are qualities she tries to exemplify in each monthly board meeting, and she believes that the entire Board of Trustees models this. President of SCC, Dr. Bill Starling, says Joyner certainly leads by example for all who interact with her at the college.

“Catherine brings both her professional business training and practical experience to the College’s efforts to better serve our local agricultural and manufacturing community,” Starling shared. “As a young mother who balances work and home, she provides a relatable role model for many of our staff and faculty who have similar responsibilities.”

For Joyner, being a member of the Board of Trustees allows her to continue advocating for the community around her, something she says is special about Clinton. Getting involved, lending a hand, and participating in community outreach is easy to do.

“In a community like Clinton, you will find scores of people helping those around them,” Joyner concluded.

About Sampson Community College: Sampson Community College is a member of the North Carolina Community College System, located in Clinton, NC in Sampson County. The college offers many programs to include two-year degrees, college transfer, continuing education and workforce development options, and early college education.