ADN Student Ashley McKean Shares Surrogacy Journey

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[Clinton, N.C.] – Ashley McKean is a student at Sampson Community College (SCC) currently enrolled in the Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) program. As she’s worked towards completing her degree, McKean has balanced being a mother-of-three, working a full-time job with her father-in-law’s business, and also serving as a surrogate.

A graduate of Penn Foster Online in 2015, McKean began attending SCC in 2022. However, a year before enrolling, McKean also began her journey as a surrogate. She explained that she had watched her sister-in-law struggle with infertility over the years, and knew that she wanted to help others who dealt with it as well.

McKean elaborated, “I decided in June 2021 that I wanted to be a surrogate. I talked to my husband about his opinion about it, and he was very supportive and was along for the ride. I love being pregnant and knowing that I wouldn’t be having any more children of my own, I decided why not do something good for the world.”

After completing numerous screenings, interviews, and paperwork, McKean and her husband chose to serve as a surrogate to a couple from Paris, France. IVF treatments soon began, and after one failed transfer, McKean became pregnant with a little girl.

“My relationship with the parents is amazing!” she voiced. “We talk every single day, and they have become a part of our family. They planned a trip in August of 2022 to come to visit us for the first time. They are wonderful, and my kids love them!”

In November of 2022, while she was enrolled at SCC, McKean gave birth to a baby girl. Though it was a “struggle at times,” to complete her coursework while expecting, McKean voiced that her ADN instructors worked with her graciously to ensure that she was still able to pass and perform her nursing clinicals.

The next Fall, McKean signed up to do a “sibling journey” with the same couple. After another failed transfer, she became pregnant with a little boy in February 2024. Now, McKean is due in October with a sibling for the same beloved couple she began her journey with.

McKean hopes to assist couples who struggle with infertility issues through serving as a surrogate. (Courtesy photo)

She remarked on her experience, “A lot of people ask when they hear that I’m a surrogate, if it’s hard to give the baby up. I will honestly say yes, it was a little hard due to carrying her for nine months and then not taking her home. But I know for both babies that this isn’t goodbye, and I’ll always be here and be able to watch them grow! Their parents want us to stay in contact with both of them, so they understand where they started at. I honestly can’t wait to continue watching how they are with them and be able to watch both babies grow.”

When asked who she’d like to thank, McKean expressed her appreciation to her husband and the couple she’s worked with, who all have truly served as her “biggest supporters.” She also wished to thank Sarah Burgin, Arts & Sciences Instructor at SCC, who took interest in her surrogacy journey and wanted to use her experience as an educational opportunity for students.

Burgin mentioned, “Ashley’s story is inspirational and awe-inspiring! It’s amazing that she is doing a sibling journey with the same parents. I’m honored to have been her instructor. I’m thankful that she shared her story and she’s bringing precious lives into the world!”

In the future, McKean plans to graduate from SCC in 2027 with her Associate Degree in Nursing. She hopes to become a Labor & Delivery Nurse, and eventually obtain her Masters in Nursing. However, her ultimate goal is to one day become a traveling nurse.

She closed, “My experience at SCC so far has taught me that no matter what goes on in life, you can do so much. There are so many people willing to help you along the way! If anyone ever has questions or wants to know how to help families as a surrogate, they can reach out to me!”

Sampson CC very proud of Ashley and of her accomplishments thus far. The College is inspired by her journey and admires her dedication throughout. SCC looks forward to seeing all she will continue to do in the healthcare field, and who she’ll continue to inspire with her surrogacy journey.

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