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Personal Enrichment

Digital Dos & Don’ts give students the knowledge and skills to learn the historical perspective of pictures and why photography is important.

Student will learn how to take pictures in various settings. Simple photo editing skills will be taught in the computer lab with emphasis on how download, crop and adjust pictures. Student(s) will learn to edit their photos using computer Paint software that comes on every computer. Upon completion, the student will be expected to present 10 photographs taken throughout the course period to the class at a final exam. Shutterbugs II & III is designed to further skills in photographing live animal subjects, wildlife and how to look for the extraordinary shot.

Students will use their skills previously learned in taking photographs in low light, sports action, portrait mode as well as other standard photography skills. In Shutterbugs II & III, students will take photos outside of the comfort zone. More in depth photo editing skills will be taught in II & III. The 3 major manual settings: aperture, shutter speed, and ISO will be learned during this time frame. Upon completion, the student will be expected to present 5 photographs on a CD for their portfolio presentation.

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Cost & Fees

Cost of Course: $70.00

Additional supply list will be provided on the first night of class.

No textbook is required for this course. Instructor will provide handouts and other reference materials.