Education Preparation Program | Residency Licensure Certificate Program

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The Elementary Education Residency Certificate curriculum provides a course of study leading to the development of the general pedagogical competencies needed to become certified to teach by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

Course work includes learning theory, instructional/educational technology, diverse learners, school policies and procedures, expectations and responsibilities of educators, teaching strategies/methods for specific content/specialty areas, formative/summative assessment, data informed practice, and classroom
organization/management to enhance learning.

Graduates should meet general pedagogical competencies and demonstrate effective teaching practices. Additional requirements, such as pre-service training, passing the state required assessments, and the criteria included in the
North Carolina Teacher Evaluation System, are required for licensure.

Program Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Minimum GPA of 2.7
  • 24 hours of General Education Coursework OR Passed NCSBE Content Exam
  • Letter of Employment

Perks of Sampson CC’s Program

  • Specific support for individual learners’ success
  • Cost efficient program
  • Established relationships with local school districts
  • Only six courses to completion
  • Student cohorts

How to apply

Step 1
Create an account at

Step 2
Start an application at

Step 3
Select “Alternative NC Teaching Licensure: NCCCS Cultivating Carolina Classrooms” as your Campus. The “NCCCS Residency Licensure Program” as your Application.

Step 4
Complete application as prompted. Then select “Sampson Community College” as your first choice of school.

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