[Clinton, N.C.]–  Prestage Farms, a leading producer in the livestock industry, donated a livestock trailer and hog chute to Sampson Community College’s (SCC) Truck Driver Training program in early May 2024. This generous contribution aims to enhance the educational resources available to students and better prepare them for a successful career in livestock transportation.

The donated livestock trailer, equipped with the technology and safety features students would encounter in the workforce, will serve as an invaluable training tool for students enrolled in the Truck Driver Training program. By providing hands-on experience with industry-standard equipment, this initiative underscores Prestage Farms’ commitment to supporting local education and promoting the skilled workforce needed in the livestock sector.

The donated chute given by Prestage Farms, Inc. to SCC’s Truck Driver Training program.

Jesse Sumner, Production Coordinator at Prestage Farms, highlighted the importance of the donation: “Prestage Farms consistently donates equipment to support the community college’s mission to train and prepare our future workforce. This livestock trailer will provide their students with the hands-on experience necessary to excel in the industry.”

The Truck Driver Training program at SCC has a strong reputation for producing well-trained and highly skilled graduates ready to enter the workforce. The inclusion of the livestock trailer in the training curriculum will provide students with the opportunity to gain experience in transporting live animals, a niche yet vital segment of the trucking industry, especially for students looking for employment in and around Sampson County.

SCC currently operates one of the largest Truck Driver Training programs in the NC Community College System.

“We are deeply grateful to Prestage Farms for their generous donations and unwavering support over the years.” remarked Anthony Fiorito, Director of Transportation Programs at SCC. “Their latest donation of a hog trailer and hog chute is an invaluable contribution. This allows our students to gain hands-on experience, safely and effectively back into a hog chute, and enhance their practical skills and industry preparedness. Their support is instrumental in helping us provide high-quality, real-world training for our students.”

For more information about the Truck Driver Training program at Sampson Community College, please visit SCC’s website or contact the Workforce Development & Continuing Education office at (910) 592-7176.

About Sampson Community College:  Sampson Community College is a member of the North Carolina Community College System, located in Clinton, NC in Sampson County. The college offers many programs to include two-year degrees, college transfer, continuing education and workforce development options and early college education. SCC is committed to the principles of equal educational and employment opportunities for all.