Last week, on Tuesday, July 12, 2022, the Sampson Community College (SCC) Board of Trustees reappointed Dr. Ted Thomas and Ms. Larinda Haight as Chair and Vice-Chair of the SCC Board of Trustees, respectively. Dr. Bill Starling, President of SCC, was also reappointed to serve as the SCC Board of Trustees Secretary.

During the board meeting, the board voted unanimously to re-elect Dr. Thomas as Board Chair and Ms. Haight as Vice Chair for the upcoming academic year. Both Thomas and Haight are experienced board members who were voted into their leadership positions for the 2020-2021 year. Their re-election will provide leadership continuity for Sampson’s administration team.

Dr. Ted Thomas also serves on the Executive Committee of the North Carolina Association of Community College Trustees. This nonprofit cooperation was organized to ensure that community colleges across North Carolina are moving forward in their aims, goals, and development. With positions in both organizations, he can lead Sampson CC in a positive direction.

“We, as a board, are working well together for the betterment of SCC. Our main goal is to focus on what is best for the students here. We are one of the state’s community colleges moving forward in growth and development.” Thomas stated. “This is a combined effort between the board, administration, faculty, and staff supporting the student body.”

SCC Board of Trustees Chair, Dr. Ted Thomas
SCC Board of Trustees Chair, Dr. Ted Thomas. (File Photo)

Dean of Advancement and Executive Director of the Foundation, Lisa Turlington, voiced that the College is looking forward to continuing to progress with the support and counsel of all board members.

“We are pleased at the re-election of Dr. Thomas as Chair and Ms. Haight as Vice Chair of our Board of Trustees. Their strong leadership has shepherded the College through some challenging times, and they both understand and value the role of community colleges in rural communities. They are thoughtful of policymaking and engaged as advocates,” Turlington expressed.

Larinda Haight, elected Vice-Chair, commented, “I am honored to be re-elected to serve as the Vice Chair of Sampson Community College Board of Trustees again this year. Our College is looking forward to continuing to expand our connections with business, community, and other county leaders to improve and continue serving this great county and its people.”

SCC Board of Trustees Vice-Chair, Ms. Larinda Haight
SCC Board of Trustees Vice-Chair, Ms. Larinda Haight. (File Photo)

Haight has been an educator and school counselor for over 20 years. Currently at Midway High School, she is working to ensure that SCC also meets the needs of the local high schools in Sampson County.

In his closing remarks, Dr. Thomas stated that “Our goal for 2022-23 is to keep building on those ideas [of development] to keep moving forward. Remember, ‘Begin here, go anywhere.’ And together, there are no limits.”

The Board of Trustees is looking forward to another successful year of development for Sampson Community College.

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