The turn of a new fiscal year signaled the time to bid farewell to several devoted directors of the Sampson Community College Foundation Board. Several of these departures come as a result of the SCC Foundation Board’s decision to adopt new policies in 2020 which instituted term limits for directors. The directors who ended their terms this summer include Mary Brown, Pat Green, Paul Viser, Sherry Matthews, John Prestage, Holden Dubose, Frank Butler, Hugh Caison, and Justin Lockamy.

The exiting directors’ board service terms range from four years to thirty-five years, but their absences will be felt, nonetheless.

Anne Faircloth, SCC Foundation President, says that the departing directors will be dearly missed, but she expects their guidance and years of knowledge will continue to be called upon.

“We are profoundly grateful to the directors who are rotating off the board this year. Many of these folks were involved when I first joined the Foundation Board and have served as mentors and role models to me. We will continue to tap into their wisdom and rely on their counsel and advice,” Faircloth remarked.

Mary Brown, former Director of Nursing Programs at SCC, served on the board for over 15 years. Her dedication to the college extends beyond her time teaching and her board service – with classrooms named in her honor and the establishment of the Boykin Family Endowment in honor of her family. Brown’s lifelong dedication is evident even in her previous years of service on the Sampson County Schools Board of Education.

Lisa Turlington, Dean of Advancement & Executive Director of the Foundation, called Brown a friend of all. “Mary is one of the biggest cheerleaders for the College, and she is a friend to everyone she meets. It has been a great pleasure working with her on the Foundation Board,” Turlington shared.

Pat Green is a founding member of the SCC Foundation Board and has served on the board since its founding in 1986. Green is the board’s longest-serving director and has held various positions on the board, including President, and chaired the Appropriations Board for the last decade. 

“Pat was a trailblazer as a female leader in Sampson County, and she has been a strong voice on the Foundation Board for over thirty-five years. She always took her stewardship seriously, asking tough questions and treating charitable gifts carefully as if they were her own,” Turlington remarked.

Included among departing directors is Paul Viser. Viser joined the board in 2011 and has served as President and co-chair of Annual Giving. He served an important role on the Board Development and Investment Committees. Viser has also served on the SCC Board of Trustees since 2018. Dr. Viser will continue to maintain relationships with donors, students, and Foundation Directors.

“Paul’s tenure on the Foundation Board reflects his dedication to providing opportunities for affordable education, workforce training, and lifelong learning to everyone in this community. He brought his signature enthusiasm for service to the board and contributed valuable experience and thoughtful consideration to the Foundation work. I know he will continue to advise and advocate for the Foundation, and the scholarships his family and Sampson Partners established will help students and elevate families for years to come,” Turlington commented.

Sherry Matthews served on the board for 19 years, where she showed a commitment to promoting the Foundation and the College. Turlington commended Matthews on her professionalism.

“Sherry is an advocate for the College and all of Sampson County. I appreciate her friendship and professionalism and I know she will continue to be a friend of the Foundation. “

John Prestage joined the SCC Foundation Board in 1997. His father, Bill, helped establish the Foundation. Prestage has served as President and Finance Committee Chair during his tenure on the board. Prestage and his family and business have helped launch and support many important training programs at the college including truck driver training and agriculture education.

“John’s service has had a big impact on the Foundation and how we manage the stewardship of gifts. I appreciate his dedication to the College and look forward to his continued work with the Finance Committee,” Turlington said.

Holden Dubose joined the Foundation Board in 2010 where he immediately began serving on the Develop the East steering committee. Dubose followed in the footsteps of his father, Charles, who was a Foundation Director.

“Holden has followed his business and family’s long history of generous support and enthusiasm of the College. It has been a pleasure working with Holden and his wife, Mandy, who have graciously hosted events and advocated for the Foundation,” Turlington commented.

Frank Butler has served in every leadership role since joining the SCC Foundation Board in 1997, including President. His father, Mossette, was a founding director.

“Frank and his family have truly shaped the character and direction of the Foundation since its founding. I have heavily relied on his counsel and friendship in my role at the College and will continue to appreciate his dedication to education in Sampson County,” Turlington remarked.

Hugh Caison has served on the Foundation Board since 2013 and has been a major supporter of all events and campaigns since joining.

“Hugh’s generosity to so many organizations in Sampson and Duplin Counties was widely known and greatly appreciated. He never denied a request for support and made fundraising fun. I will miss working with him on the Foundation Board,” Turlington recalled.

Justin Lockamy has served since 2017.

“I am sad to see Justin leave the Foundation Board, but I know he will continue to advocate for the College and education in eastern NC,” Turlington stated.

SCC President, Dr. Bill Starling, shared his appreciation for the departing directors for the scholarships, gifts, united fundraising, and hours of support of College activities given in their service to SCC.

“Our entire college family recognizes that so much of SCC’s progress is a result of their expressions of support within the community for the opportunities we work to make available.  These directors have worked to provide hundreds of students access to programs and training opportunities that have improved the lives of families,” Starling remarked. “SCC is certainly a better institution because of their service, and I believe that Sampson County is as well.”

Each member will be a loss for the SCC Foundation Board as they each brought unique experiences and expertise to their roles as directors. However, the board is excited to welcome seven new members in their departures, including a returning director. New directors include Robin Palmer, Chris Brown, Brandon Warren, Steve Stefanovich, Jason Walters, and Jonathan Williams. For more information about the SCC Foundation, visit

About Sampson Community College: Sampson Community College is a member of the North Carolina Community College System, located in Clinton, NC in Sampson County. The college offers many programs to include two-year degrees, college transfer, continuing education and workforce development options, and early college education.