In two weeks, around 400 students will graduate from Sampson Community College. Included in that group will be 54 Career and College Promise (CCP) graduates, and 936 certificate completers. For the third year in a row, the program has seen a record number of graduates. CCP gives local high schoolers the opportunity to graduate from SCC with an associate degree.

The dual enrollment program allows local high schools students to get ahead on their post-high school studies, whether they plan to attend a 2-year or 4-year institution. Students receive diplomas, certificates, degrees, and college transfer credit. Students even receive entry-level job training.

Perry Gillespie, Director of Career and College Promise, says student participation is inspiring and demonstrates the impact that the program is having.

“CCP does so many great things. But in my opinion, the greatest thing it does is it keeps our students in the city and county schools competitive against students from larger counties with vast more opportunities,” Gillespie commented.

Year after year, the program has continued to grow. In the Fall of 2020, 454 CCP students enrolled at SCC, and 426 students enrolled for the Spring of 2021. Already, there are over 200 students enrolled for the Summer of 2021. Increased student enrollment is not where the growth of the program ends. In the fall, four new career coaches joined the program at each area high school, making CCP more accessible to students.

The 2020-2021 CCP Outstanding Graduates are Olivia Gillespie (AA) & Alexander Czarkowski (AS). 

The low-cost CCP program will offer students an even better deal for the remainder of the year. Federal funds (HEERF II) are available to CCP students to assist with the cost of fees for the summer and fall terms. Interested students should reach out to the Career Coach at their high schools for more details.

Gillespie, whose own daughter will receiver her associate degree through the program this year, has truly seen the benefits of the program firsthand.

“This year’s graduates are special because they include my own daughter and many of her friends who I have watched grow from small children to hardworking and capable adults. They are going to go to college and will one day change the world.  Congratulations to every graduate and I pray nothing but the best for you all,” Gillespie remarked.

Any high school student can participate in the program if they meet the program requirements. Interested students can access more information on the Sampson Community College website homepage or contact Perry Gillespie at or 910.900.4084.

(Photo Credit, Cheyenne Mcneill Davis)

Third Row (Left to Right): Olivia Gillespie, CHS, AA/AS, UNC CH or University of South Carolina Capstone Scholars Program, Political Science; Maegan Byrd, CHS, AA, Florida State or ECU, Meteorology; Kaci Hudson, MHS, AA, Sampson Community College, Veterinarian Technician; Isaac Rivera, CHS, AA, ECU, Engineering; Joshua Lamb, CHS, AA, UNCW, Biology; Alexander Czarkowski, CHS, AA/AS, NC State/Furman University, Finance or Computer Science; Dr. William Starling, President of Sampson Community College; Noah Jackson, CHS, AA, University of South Carolina or Wake Forest, Sports Management or Business; Cullen Faircloth, MHS, AA/AS, UNC CH, Business Administration; Heather Norland, MHS, AA/AS, UNC CH, Pre-Medicine; Makenzi Hudson, MHS, AA, NC State, Animal Science; Robert Baggett, MHS, AA, UNCW, Accounting

Second Row (Left to Right): Justin Ruiz, CHS, AA/AS, Western Carolina, Psychology; Stephanie Lizardo, CHS, AA, NC State, ECU, or UNCW, Marketing; Madelyn Hobbs, HHS, AA, NC State, History; Samantha Britt, HHS, AA, NC State, Biology; Bailey Spell, CHS, AA/AS, ECU Honors College or UNC CH or NCSU Scholars Program, Biochemistry; Amanda Silvey, MHS, AA, Campbell University, Business; Olivia Hall, MHS, AA, UNC CH, Nursing; Julianna Raynor, MHS, AA, Central Carolina Community College, Nail Technician; Angelica Coria, MHS, AA/AS, NC State, Zoology; Sara Sills, MHS, AA, Meredith College or ECU, Exercise Science; Allison Belflowers, MHS, AA/AS, UNCW, Exercise Science; Trent Williams, MHS (Early Graduate), AA, Campbell University, Accounting

First Row (Left to Right): Birzayit Sanchez-Olvera, HHS, AA, Western Carolina, Business Administration; Jocelyn Espino, MHS, AA, ECU, Construction Management; Jhelen Medina Aguilar, MHS, AA/AS, High Point University, Exercise Science; Amy Carcamo-Matute, CHS, AA, ECU/UNCS, Music Composition; Cristal Ortiz, CHS, AA, Duke University, Neuroscience; Mrs. Blair Hairr, Vice-President of Academic and Student Affairs; Akiya Stywall, CHS, AA/AS, NC A&T, Animal Science; Madelyn Tew, MHS, AA, UNCW, Exercise Science; Alyssa James, CHS, AA/AS, ECU Honors College, Biology; Savannah Westbrook, UHS, AA, UNCW, Accounting; Jonathan Cooper, MHS, AA, Campbell University, Electrical Engineering

(Courtesy Photo)

CHS Grads: William Byrd, AA, App State, Business, Marketing, or Entrepreneurship Education; Halin Pearson, AA, UNC CH, Psychology; Ethan Herring, AA, UNC Charlotte, Computer Science

(Courtesy Photo)

LHS Grads: (Left to Right) Reagan Holmes, AA, Campbell University, Nursing; Madelyn Ammons, AA/AS, Sampson/Fayetteville Technical Community College, Cosmetology; LaWanda Sessoms, AA/AS, TBD, TBD

(Courtesy Photo)

Others not pictured: Alexa Rios, AA, Wayne Community College, Dental Hygiene

(Courtesy Photo)

Others not pictured: (Left to Right) Karen Jimenez, AA, Wayne Community College or UNCP, Dental Hygiene; Aaron Carter, AA/S, UNC CH, Pre-Pharmacy; Jada Zaragoza, AA/AS, Meredith College, Psychology

(Photo Credit, Cheyenne Mcneill Davis)

Homeschool Grad: Brinkley Spearman, Home, AA, UMO, Vet-Bioscience



Britton Burley, AA/AS, Campbell University, Psychology; McKenzie Taylor, AA/AS, Campbell University, Health Care Management; Litzy Velazquez, AA, TBD, TBD; Kelly Williams, AA/AS, UNCW, Biology


Erin Beasley, AA, ECU, Nursing; Emma Clark, AA, UNC CH, Biology; Jega Dapuyen, AA/AS, UNCW, Nursing; Leticia Mejia, AA, ECU or Meredith College, Education; Matteo Rojas, AA, UNCP, Pre-Nursing


Ryhlee Pope, HCA, AA/AS, TBD, Biology

About Sampson Community College: Sampson Community College is a member of the North Carolina Community College System, located in Clinton, NC in Sampson County. The college offers many programs to include two-year degrees, college transfer, continuing education and workforce development options, and early college education.