Student Shares Benefits of the Sampson Promise

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It is yet that time again when students are starting to apply to scholarships, and the due date for the Sampson Community College Foundation Scholarships is just around the corner. SCC student Allison Brown was in this same position two years ago.

Brown graduated from Hobbton High School in 2019 and decided to attend Sampson Community College (SCC) to start working on her Associate in Arts degree. She knew that as the youngest of six children, she needed to do her best to find help with affording college. This where the Sampson Promise came in.

The Sampson Promise is a tuition-guarantee program offered by SCC. This program was created in  2019 and ensures that recipients have the tuition and fees that are not covered by financial aid and scholarships are paid. The Sampson Promise program covers up to four semesters of study for SCC students.

In addition to receiving the Sampson Promise, Brown says the support of her family has helped her during her educational journey.

She stated, “I am thankful for my parents and what they have given me. I am thankful for how they have helped throughout my high school years to get to my college years.”

Allison Brown hopes to teach either first grade or second grade after she finishes her Elementary Education degree. (Courtesy Photo)

Currently, SCC has admissions agreements with four North Carolina universities that allows SCC graduates to transition smoothly into the universities. This is the route that Brown will be taking when she graduates from SCC in May by taking advantage of the UNCW Pathway To Excellence. Brown plans on transferring to the University of North Carolina Wilmington to major in Elementary Education.

Director of Financial Aid and Veteran Services, Marleen Powell shared, “The Sampson Promise Scholarship is a great opportunity for High School Seniors who have an unmet need regarding their tuition and fees. This unmet need could stand between a student’s ability to attend college and compete their educational goals. The Sampson Promise Scholarship removes the unmet need obstacle for tuition and fees and allows the recipients the opportunity to stay focused on what is most important. Successfully meeting their educational goals!”

When Brown began attending SCC, she had scholarships that were put towards her education. With the Sampson Promise, the amount of tuition and fees that was not covered by the scholarships that she received and financial aid, was covered by this program.

In order to qualify for the Sampson Promise you must have graduated from a public, private, or homeschooled Sampson County high school. Students must have a 3.0 unweighted high school GPA, be able to verify their North Carolina residency, and enroll full-time at SCC the fall after high school graduation.

When asked about the Sampson Promise application process Brown replied, “The application process was rather easy. I talked about my history at Hobbton High School and what I wanted to do at Sampson. I also talked about how Sampson would help me with this scholarship and my educational goals.”

In order to be considered for the year’s round of Sampson Promise applications students must apply to SCC by March 1. Applications for the 2021 SCC Foundation Scholarships year are due by April 15. The application for the Sampson Promise and more information about the program can be found on the SCC website.

Brown believes that the Sampson Promise is a great option for students because it allows you to save money especially if you cannot afford to attend a four-year university right away.

Brown is currently on her fourth semester with the Sampson Promise. Since receiving the help of the Sampson Promise she has maintained eligibility under the program. The eligibility that Sampson Promise students must follow include completing at least 12 hours each semester, maintaining a college GPA of at least a 2.5, and upholding the SCC Student Code of Conduct.

Through the Sampson Promise at Sampson Community College, Allison Brown was able to save money for her future endeavors in both her education and her career, all while preparing for her next steps at UNCW.

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About Sampson Community College: Sampson Community College is a member of the North Carolina Community College System, located in Clinton, NC in Sampson County. The college offers many programs to include two-year degrees, college transfer, continuing education and workforce development options, and early college education.