Lindsey Aparicio Receives Underwood Scholarship

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[Clinton, N.C.] – As Sampson Community College’s (SCC) Spring 2024 commencement draws near, the College looks to highlight graduating Foundation scholars—students who have received one or more scholarships from the SCC Foundation. One of those individuals is Lindsey Aparicio, an Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) student who recently received the H.J. Underwood Scholarship for 2023-24.

A 2016 graduate of Southern Wake Academy in Holly Springs, N.C., Aparicio enrolled in SCC’s nursing program in Fall 2022 upon recommendation from a friend. Though she felt “nervous at first” to begin, Aparicio voiced that the faculty and staff of the College, especially the nursing instructors, truly made her feel welcome and reassured of her decision to attend SCC.

She recalled, “I had a friend who transferred to Sampson after struggling in the nursing program at another college. She expressed how she felt so welcomed and did so well in the program. That’s when I made the final decision to attend Sampson. The nursing instructors were so welcoming and made me feel like I chose the right place. Not only the nursing instructors, but all staff was very welcoming and friendly.”

In addition to her coursework, Aparicio balances being a mother to three young children and working as a CNA locally when needed. Before she started the program, Aparico doubted her capability of becoming an RN. However, after finishing her first semester at SCC, she grew more confident in her skills– realizing that the program was intentional in their instruction and applicable to real-life situations.

“At first, I didn’t think I was capable of becoming a Registered Nurse,” Aparicio explained. “But I knew it was possible after I passed the first semester of nursing school, which was the hardest semester of my nursing journey. There is a reason behind everything you do or are taught in this program as a nursing student. I feel confident and excited to venture off into the real world as a Registered Nurse.”

In 2023, Aparicio began applying for scholarships to help cover her final two semesters at SCC, ultimately receiving the H.J. Underwood Endowment for the academic year. Established by family and friends in memory of Mary Underwood, Richard Underwood, and H.J. Underwood, its purpose is to help defray the cost of tuition, books, and other expenses incurred by nursing students at SCC.

Aparicio recalled, “I was very grateful and excited to receive this award. It was my first ever scholarship, so it was super cool! This scholarship assisted me with purchasing nursing necessities! I was able to purchase textbooks, notebooks, pens, etc. I drive over an hour to class, so this helped me save on gas money as well!”

Mom-of-three Lindsey Aparicio has balanced motherhood, CNA work, and the ADN program- driving an hour to campus for classes. (Courtesy Photo)

When asked who she’d like to thank, Aparicio voiced her gratitude to the many nursing instructors who have made “an incredible impact” on her during this “hard, yet so rewarding” time in her life. Specifically mentioning Kristina Cashwell, Jacqueline Ammons, Morgan Odum, and retired Director of Heath programs, Dr. Veronica Stevens, Aparicio also expressed her appreciation to her loved ones, who’ve supported her throughout the entirety of the ADN program as well.

“The teachers at SCC have made an incredible impact on my life. They are all so knowledgeable and willing to help you. I’d also like to thank my husband, mom, and dad for continuously supporting me, even though it seemed like this time in my life was never going to end. Thank you to my friends Monica and Rebecca as well– we started this journey together in 2022, and now we’re ending it together in 2024. We did it!”

Upon graduating with her associate degree in Spring 2024, Aparicio plans to serve as an RN in Labor & Delivery as she pursues her Bachelors in Nursing. Her ultimate goal is to gain experience in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit before venturing into Pediatric Flight Nursing.

Looking back, Aparicio remarked that she would highly recommend SCC to other prospective students hoping to pursue a career in healthcare. Commuting an hour to campus each day, she explained that the program has truly taught her that, “anything is possible with the right support and mindset.”

Aparicio closed, “This program has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life, but I wouldn’t want to do it anywhere else. Now I’m less than a week away from graduating! Sampson has been a blessing in my life and has guided me in all the right directions. I will always tell people or prospective nursing students about Sampson and how it impacted my life.”

Sampson CC very proud of Lindsey for her accomplishments at the College thus far. The Foundation loves seeing the impact scholarships have on students and looks forward to seeing all she will continue to do in the healthcare field and throughout her education.

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