Kenneth Spell Receives Angels of Mercy

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[Clinton, N.C.] – Kenneth Spell, a current senior nursing student here at Sampson Community College (SCC), is a recent recipient of the Angels of Mercy Nursing Scholarship fund. The scholarship is awarded to a deserving student every year within SCC’s nursing program to help fund their educational pursuits. It was established in honor of Grady Broadwell, a nursing instructor at SCC for eighteen years.

Spell, who also goes by Gage, began taking college classes his junior and senior years of high school through SCC’s Career & College Promise (CCP) program. He is now a part of SCC’s Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program, which he started in Fall of 2020. Spell plans to complete his ADN in Spring 2022.

He stated that positive reviews from his friends and family led him to apply to SCC’s ADN program. But what led him to stay, was the home-like atmosphere that SCC provides.

Spell remarked, “I heard a lot of good things about their nursing program. I knew a lot of family members and friends that had been to the campus, and I heard great remarks about it from them. To me, SCC just feels like home.”

The nursing programs at SCC require students to perform clinical hours at local hospitals. This allows students to engage in on-the-job training and work hands-on. Spell expressed that these assignments have taught him the hard work and dedication needed to succeed in the nursing profession.

Spell said of the clinicals, “For this class I have a 12-hour shift at Cape Fear Valley Hospital. We get there when it’s dark and we don’t get out until it’s dark. I enjoy them, but I’m still getting used to being there for 12-hours straight.”

Through nursing, Spell hopes to give back to his local community and care for others out of the kindness of his heart.

He explained, “I remember instances in my life when nurses played a big role in caring for my family. I saw how they made a difference in our lives, and I was hoping to give back to others just like they gave to me.”

After graduation, Spell plans to look for a job locally. He expressed that he’d love to work in an emergency room or an ICU unit. In five years, he sees himself married and giving back to his community through holding down a steady nursing job.

Kenneth Spell plans to continue influencing his community through nursing for years to come.
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Dr. Lisa Smith, Department Chair of Nursing at SCC, remarked that Spell is a great student to have within the nursing program. Dr. Smith mentioned that she has personally witnessed admiration for Spell being voiced by faculty, peers, and members of the community.

She expressed, “Gage is a young man who is dedicated to his nursing studies. He demonstrates professionalism and has a positive outlook despite any challenges. He is an asset to our nursing program.”

When asked if there were any special teachers who had helped him along his journey, Spell remarked that Dr. Smith was a wonderful mentor and advisor to him. Her graduation from SCC’s nursing program truly aids in her teachings, Spell said, because she knows all about it.

“Dr. Smith was really encouraging, and she always made me feel good. She also gives you good feedback and lets you know what areas you need to improve on. She just gives off a great energy.”

Dr. Sabrina Pope, Associate Degree in Nursing Coordinator, Practical Nurse Instructor, and Nurse Faculty Tutor at SCC, also stated that she was thrilled to hear of Spell’s upcoming article because he is truly a remarkable and polite student.

She voiced, “Gage has grown from the reserved student to the student of eagerness since beginning the nursing program in Fall 2020. In the clinical setting he is a great team player, and he is eager to learn new things to enhance his knowledge. I see Gage doing great things in the future!”

Besides his family and instructors, who have both been incredible motivators and guides to him, Spell expressed that the scholarships he’s received, including the Angels of Mercy Nursing Scholarship fund, have greatly influenced his college career. They’ve allowed him to focus directly on school, without having to worry about finances.

He explained, “If it wasn’t for all the scholarships and financial aid I did receive, I probably would not have been able to go through the nursing program like I have. You really have no time to work because it’s such a fast-paced program. Scholarships really do help you take your mind off of having to work so much. They take away the worry that you have to pay for school because you know you have those scholarships.”

Spell voiced that he would definitely recommend SCC’s ADN program to other prospective students. Not only are the instructors and curriculum wonderful, but the program has also taught him valuable life lessons such as hard work and dedication.

“It’s a great program and the instructors are awesome. They offer a lot of resources to help you succeed, and they’re there to help you. Nursing at SCC is a great program, I really enjoy it.”

Sampson Community College is incredibly proud of Kenneth. We wish him luck in all his future endeavors, and we’re excited to see how he’ll give back to our community through nursing.

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