Evan Breeden Finds Joy Through SCC’s Work-Study Program

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2022 01 20 Evan Breeden

Evan Breeden, a student in the Human Services Technology program at Sampson Community College (SCC), recently began the Federal Work-Study program at SCC and has genuinely loved every minute of her experience.

The Federal Work-Study program gives eligible college students (who are enrolled at least part-time) a chance to participate in part-time, paid employment on and off campus while still pursuing their degree.

Breeden started the work-study program at SCC in September of 2021. She graduated from Hedgesville Highschool in West Virginia in 2009, and after her family moved to Roseboro two years ago, she began SCC in Fall 2020. Breeden plans to graduate with her degree in Summer 2022. After graduation, she plans to transfer to a four-year university in WV with plans to become a counselor.

She explained, “I’d like to do substance abuse counseling. After SCC, my next step is probably a bachelor’s in psychology. So, a human services degree, then a bachelor’s in psychology, then hopefully a master’s in counseling.”

When asked what led her to SCC, Breeden replied that the closeness and cleanliness of the campus appealed to her and drew her in. She remarked that she’d drive by the campus often and soon became interested in the Human Services Technology program. However, a simple email from an SCC faculty member was what led her to apply for the work-study program.

Breeden said of the job, “I wanted to do it when I was younger, and now I’m back in college. I was doing all online classes, and this got me out of the house and into a work atmosphere on campus. I was never coming to the school, and the work-study program opened that for me. It allows me to socialize with people, interact with other students and staff, and really find out who people are instead of just reading names on an email.”

Within the work-study program at SCC, Breeden works for Student Services and transfers calls to the Registrar, Financial Aid, and Admissions offices. She also answers basic questions about transcripts and does a good deal of alphabetizing and organizing. Her main duty, however, is working at the Student Services counter where she assists students, faculty, and staff with any questions or concerns they may have.

Breeden has made many new relationships within her job. While she primarily works under Holly Brewington, Financial Aid & Veteran Affairs Specialist at SCC, Breeden also says that Marleen Powell, Director of Financial Aid & Veterans Services, and her fellow co-workers have all been immensely encouraging and helpful to her during her new position.

She gratefully voiced, “Holly and Marleen are really encouraging and quick to acknowledge when I’ve done something right. They tell me they really appreciate me being here, and that always makes me feel really good. Sometimes I second guess if I’m doing a good job, and to be told I’m doing things right, it feels really nice.”

Holly Brewington, Financial Aid & Veteran Affairs Specialist, stated that Breeden is a tremendous blessing to have within the Student Services department- for her bright demeanor and diligence aid both students and staff alike.

Brewington expressed, “Evan has a great work ethic and is always eager to help anyone she meets. Not only is she valuable to the division staff, but I believe students enjoy that peer-to-peer interaction at the front counter of Student Services as well. She is a wonderful asset to the division!”

Likewise, Marleen Powell, Director of Financial Aid & Veteran Services, voiced that Breeden is truly a very eager, dependable, and helpful addition to the Student Services team.

Powell declared, “Evan is a great example of what the Federal Work-Study Program was designed for. She is dependable, eager to take on any tasks that are assigned to her, and very student-friendly. Evan is always willing to assist with any concerns or questions that might be asked of her.”

Evan is a great example of what the Federal Work-Study Program was designed for. She is dependable, eager to take on any tasks that are assigned to her, and very student-friendly.

Marleen Powell, Director of Financial Aid & Veteran Services

Through her experience during the work-study program, Breeden stated that she’s been taught a great amount of patience and the ability to work in customer service. She enthusiastically stated that she would recommend the work-study program to other eligible students because it’s truly a great step to take towards your future.

“I think it’s a great start, especially for students who are just beginning college, to a real work role position” Breeden explained. “It also helps students learn about people at the college that can help them later if they have questions about financial aid, tutors, etc. As long as they can balance it with their schoolwork, I think it’s a great stepping-stone to a career.”

SCC is very proud of Evan. We are glad she chose to become a part of our work-study program and we wish her luck in all her future endeavors.

For more information about the Federal Work-Study or Human Services Technology programs visit www.sampsoncc.edu/federal-work-study or www.sampsoncc.edu/human-services-technology.

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