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2023 06 06 Allen McLamb

A familiar face amongst the Sampson County community, Allen McLamb is the owner of local agriculture business, McLamb Farm Services and the current District 1 Commissioner on the Sampson County Board of Commissioners.

Enrolling at Sampson Community College (SCC) over 40 years ago, McLamb credits SCC with kick-starting his journey to the successful career he now has.

Growing up, McLamb was raised on a dairy and tobacco farm, and later worked in a cotton gin and grainery. His father was also in Agribusiness, and after graduating from Midway High School (MHS) in 1979, McLamb decided to follow in his footsteps, pursuing an Agribusiness degree at Western Carolina University (WCU).

However, as he continued to work alongside his father locally, the distance between his school and farming responsibilities became too great. In 1980, after completing one “hectic” semester at WCU, McLamb decided to transfer to SCC due to its locality and peaceful environment.

He explained, “Not only did Sampson have the program I was looking for, but it was close to home. The atmosphere was friendly, everyone there was, and we ended up having a good relationship with everyone that was at the school– the teacher and the students. It was a lot more laid back than the bigger university. That’s what I liked.”

One of McLamb’s fondest memories during his time at SCC were the relationships he developed between his instructors and fellow classmates in the Ag department. Speaking to one particular instance, McLamb recalled how he and his friends would play foosball in the dining area every day during break, “taking on” and “attempting to beat” everyone they could.

“That was a relaxing side of it,” McLamb remembered. “It was more like more a family. The environment, the caring faculty and staff… they put a personal touch on everything they do. They’d go to bat for you and help you get the best education possible.”

2023 06 06 Allen McLamb
McLamb mentioned that his family has been incredibly supportive throughout his journey, and they continue stand behind him, “100 %.” (Courtesy of

After graduating from SCC in 1982 with his Associate in Applied Science degree in Agribusiness Technology, McLamb stated that he was able to go “right to work” in the agriculture field without transferring to a four-year institution, and has been “successful ever since.”

Dr. Bill Starling, President of SCC, spoke to McLamb’s alumni status, “Our college community celebrates the accomplishments of all our graduates and important roles they assume across our county. Mr. McLamb’s success as an agribusiness owner demonstrates the opportunities available to our graduates. His service and leadership as a county commissioner is especially gratifying.”

McLamb currently serves as the District 1 Commissioner on the Sampson County Board of Commissioners. Over 40 years later, McLamb is also still in the agriculture business, owning his own facility, McLamb Farm Services, that currently serves the northern end of Sampson County.

Sampson Community College prepared me for what I’m doing today. I had time to work and go to school and apply what I was learning. I could bring what I was doing in my daily work to the classroom. Basic training helped a lot working with general numbers, like how to figure acres for people. It taught me a lot.

Allen McLamb

In addition to his work in both agriculture and public office, McLamb is also the former coach of men’s varsity soccer and women’s JV/V basketball at his alma mater, MHS. McLamb mentioned that he has a “very strong desire for young people” and wants to help them with “what they’re going through today,” including students at SCC.

He voiced, “I support Sampson Community College and what it represents, not only for the academic side, but for the students themselves. I hope they can give back to Sampson County.”

McLamb believes that two-year degrees, such as the ones offered at SCC, are currently in high demand in the local business sector. As SCC continues to play a major role in local economic development and workforce training, McLamb encourages students to apply, as the College truly prepares individuals for prosperous careers— just like it did for him.

“Sampson Community College’s course offerings assist in the development of what Sampson County is trying to do. Workforce training that SCC offers helps in the economic development of the county. With what the College offers, you can get trained and not have huge debt. You can get right to work like I did, there’s lots of jobs waiting.”

Sampson CC loves seeing the journeys of past alumni who’ve now begun successful careers after graduation. The College appreciates the support Mr. McLamb continues to give towards student and institutional success at SCC. He continues to be an example of what it means to truly, “Begin Here [at SCC]” then “Go Anywhere.”

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