Alisha Carwise Graduates from NCCCLP

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2023 07 19 Alisha Carwise NCCCLP featured image

Back in April of 2023, Alisha Carwise, Nursing Instructor at Sampson Community College (SCC), graduated from the North Carolina Community College Leadership Program (NCCCLP) as part of the NCCCLP cohort class of 2022-2023.

The NCCCLP was founded in 1989 as a six-month leadership program tailored specifically to NC Community College workers. Its purpose is to grow and develop essential leadership skills within participants to help support their current and future roles within the NC Community College System (NCCCS).

A member of SCC’s faculty since 2010, Carwise shared that the NCCCLP was a “valuable learning experience for professional development” that focused on the growth of fundamental leadership skills.

During the monthly retreats, she explained that a variety of presidents and professionals within the NCCCS shared insight on navigating professional settings in leadership positions. When looking back, Carwise selected this as her favorite part of the program.

“I enjoyed gaining perspective from professionals across the state,” Carwise shared. “And I also gained leadership experience while participating on a collaborative team. We discussed varied methods of leadership and applied them to real life scenarios. The biggest takeaway I learned is that collaboration is key. Great leaders collaborate effectively to accomplish team goals. Learning from others broadens our perspective in a dynamic way.”

2023 07 19 Alisha Carwise NCCCLP
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As both her role as educator and nursing professional require the ability to lead teams, Carwise anticipated that the skills gained from the NCCCLP will assist her in better teaching her students, working with colleagues, and serving SCC as a whole.

She stated that her newfound knowledge will especially be applied when, “…planning for an ever-changing health care environment and collaborating with faculty to provide quality education to pre-licensure nursing students.”

Speaking on behalf of the Healthcare Division at SCC, Dr. Veronica Stevens, Division Chair of Health Programs, congratulated, “We are excited about Mrs. Carwise’s graduation from the North Carolina Community College Leadership Program. The strength of our division is contingent upon leaders that are able to craft and implement innovative strategies to address challenges that arise. The leadership program develops the skills needed to excel in the community college environment. These skills will contribute to the success of our students and the mission of the College.”

Overall, Carwise believes that her experience within the NCCCLP has equipped her with a greater understanding of essential leadership skills and strategies— expertise she’ll be able to apply to her current and future positions at SCC and the NCCCS.

This program truly prepared me to be a better leader.

“This program truly prepared me to be a better leader,” she closed. “I feel that I am better equipped to navigate professional settings in a leadership role. Each retreat allowed for the analysis of my personal leadership skills while offering other methods of solving problems or building for the future. This was an incredible experience.”

Sampson CC is proud of Alisha. The College appreciates her continuous dedication to student and institutional success and believes she will go on to do great things because of the NCCCLP.

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