Continuing the semesterly tradition, on Tuesday, November 15, Sampson Community College (SCC) kicked off its Fall 2023 Student Art Exhibition in its Learning Resource Center (LRC), showcasing the works of twenty-two students currently enrolled in studio art courses at SCC.

Led by Josiah King, Art Instructor, over the past semester, students have been developing their painting and drawing skills in SCC’s new art studio, completed in January 2023. For both classes, many of the displays were the product of their final three projects: a self-portrait, a still-life, or a personal project.

The works of drawing students were displayed…

“For many, it has been an intense process of growth and self-discovery,” explained King. “From learning to capture light and color, to understanding how to ‘dig deep’ to express something about themselves to others, these artists have reached new levels in their art.”

The event was sponsored by the SCC Foundation through a mini grant for the Fall 2023 semester. Lisa Turlington, Dean of Advancement & Executive Director of the Foundation, expressed, “We are fortunate to have Mr. King on faculty at the College, and our students are flourishing in his program. The Foundation is honored to help with the opening.”

… as were the works of painting students.

SCC’s Fall 2023 Student Art Exhibition will remain in the Kitchin Building’s LRC for two weeks, displaying the works of:

Liliana Almonte Lopez
Eva Antonio-Jose
Aaliyah Armwood
Uziel Ayala
Breanna Caceres
Bertha Campos Gonzalez
Giselle Cruz
Leodanny Cruz
Teresa Espinoza
Monica Lira Rodriguez
Esmeralda Lopez Garcia
Isaac Pryor
Alyssa Ramirez
Tasha Smith
Jose Ventura
Aylin Cardenas
Mireya Escamilla
Shiyah James
Lizet Lopez
Stephine MacEdo Serrano
Owen McKoy
Cameron Pippin

King praised, “As their art instructor, I am proud of them. I’m excited to see them connect with the arts in valuable and creative ways.”

One of King’s drawing students works steadily on her self-portrait.

Art courses at Sampson CC are open to all, including Career and College Promise (CCP) and Sampson Early College High School (SECHS) students. Each art course is transferable as a general education elective.

For more information about art courses at SCC or how to enroll, visit  or contact Josiah King at

About Sampson Community College:  Sampson Community College is a member of the North Carolina Community College System, located in Clinton, NC in Sampson County. The college offers many programs to include two-year degrees, college transfer, continuing education and workforce development options and early college education. SCC is committed to the principles of equal educational and employment opportunities for all.