Back in 2020, the Sampson Community College (SCC) Foundation adopted new policies for their Board of Directors, limiting service terms to three years and the opportunity for re-election to two additional terms. In August 2023, at the turn of the new fiscal year, SCC bid farewell to three beloved directors of the Foundation: Lynn Freeman-Sankey, Deborah Hall, and Ginger Stone.

Directors are encouraged to serve as ambassadors and advocates for the College, in addition to attending quarterly board meetings and other Foundation events. Responsibilities include: supporting the Foundation’s mission and purpose, providing proper financial oversight and assisting in developing the annual budget, recruiting and training new board members, strengthening the Foundation’s programs and services, enhancing the organization’s public standing and garnering support from the community, etc.

Both Freeman-Sankey and Stone began their director terms in 2020 amidst the onset of COVID-19. Over the past three years, Freeman-Sankey served as recording secretary and Stone as a team stakeholder on the Board of Directors, helping support the Foundation throughout the pandemic.

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Freeman-Sankey recently accepted a full-time position at SCC as Director of the Residency Licensure Certificate program, while also owning iNCredible Potential Tutoring Academy, a small-business local to Clinton. According to Dr. Bill Starling, President of SCC, in a way, the College “won at the expense of the Foundation” as she now leads the professional development opportunities for aspiring teachers at SCC.

Starling remarked, “Lynn brings the same energy and enthusiasm to SCC as she did in her work with the Foundation.  Our thanks for her support of the Foundation and our enthusiastic support for her work with teachers.”

Bill Fulton, President of the SCC Foundation, also said of Freeman-Sankey’s service, “Lynn brought with her to the Foundation a vast background in public education, from literally ‘driving the bus,’ to classroom teacher, to program director. However, the reason for her leaving the Foundation is actually a plus for the College, as she now works full-time in the College’s Education Department. Her prior commitment to the SCC’s mission as a volunteer will no doubt flourish in her new professional role.”

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Also working in education, Stone currently serves as the Career & Technical Education (CTE) Director for Sampson County Schools, a position she’s held for the past 11 years. In Fulton’s eyes, Stone was the “perfect match” to assist the Foundation in promoting more occupational pathways to students, helping increase SCC’s Fall 2023 enrollment by 47% for welders and 37% for electrical programs, specifically.

“Our thanks to Ginger for her support of SCC and, perhaps even more important, her leadership of CTE education with the Sampson County Schools,” thanked Starling. “We are now enjoying the largest enrollments we have had in our occupational programs because of all the efforts encouraging Sampson County students to consider our programs.”

Fulton echoed, “Ginger also brought her background and skills as an educator to the Board. In her role as CTE director for Sampson County schools, it would have been hard to find a better match for the Foundation and its support of SCC’s focus on preparing students for career opportunities.”

The longest-serving departing director this year, Hall began her term almost a decade ago in 2015. She’s led the Foundation’s EXCEL Committee for many years, which annually recognizes both SCC faculty and staff members who go “above and beyond” in their work. Hall is also the current owner of Sessoms Jewelry, Inc. in Clinton along with her husband, Gary Wayne.

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Our final thanks goes to outgoing director Deborah Hall who in particular chaired SCC’s EXCEL award,” Fulton stated. “Deborah will tell you that this was both an easy and a hard job: ‘easy’ because there are so many worthy nominees, but ‘hard’ because it’s difficult to narrow down when each nominee is a ‘winner’ in their own right.”

Starling closed, “Deborah has led our employee Excel nominations for some time now. There are so many employees who have been recognized for their commitment to our students and our college mission through this process. We thank her for being part of their special recognition.  Her work with our Foundation is just a small part of the commitment of her family commitment to Sampson County.  Sessom’s Jewelry’s is always remembered for their contributions to so many of our organizations.”

Lisa Turlington, Executive Director of the Foundation & Dean of Advancement, has also had the opportunity to serve alongside these women since they began their terms with the Foundation. Echoing the sentiments of both Starling and Fulton, she explained how each of them has contributed immensely to student success and brought different strengths to the Board, advocating for both the College and its students throughout their terms. Their work will be felt for years to come.

Turlington praised, “These three ladies have been instrumental in the work of the Foundation for many years. Lynn and Ginger both brought a frontline K-12 education perspective to the work of the board. Lynn served on the Foundation Executive Board as the Secretary for two years, and Ginger served as a team stakeholder on several partnership initiatives between the County Schools, the College, and local industry. Deborah joined the Board in 2015 and chaired the EXCEL Committee for many years. All three of these directors were actively engaged and will continue to be strong advocates for the Sampson Community College.”

No matter how long their service terms may be, each of these Foundation Directors is certain to leave behind a legacy at the College that will be felt for years to come. With their departure comes the arrival of four new members: Nick Autry, Adrian Matthews, Nichole Maroschak, and Jimmy Moore. The College is excited for these individuals to aid in the success of the Foundation throughout their directorships, just like each of the departing directors have continuously done throughout theirs.

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About Sampson Community College:  Sampson Community College is a member of the North Carolina Community College System, located in Clinton, NC in Sampson County. The college offers many programs to include two-year degrees, college transfer, continuing education and workforce development options and early college education. SCC is committed to the principles of equal educational and employment opportunities for all.