On Wednesday, January 18, members of Hair Masterz Barber College, led by Eric West, paid a visit to Sampson Community College (SCC) to demonstrate and share a variety of Barbering techniques with the College’s Cosmetology students.

During their time at SCC, the barbers showcased various types of faded clipper cuts and cutting methods with the aspiring cosmetologists. They also demonstrated how to remove bulk by using the upward method going against hair direction and how to remove less hair by using the downward method going in the direction of the hair grows.

Throughout the practice, SCC’s Cosmetology Department utilized a diverse group of models, helping the students see how each clipper cut would react with different hair textures. Students were also able to interact and practice on live models during the demonstration as well.

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A student at Hair Masterz Baber College models techniques for SCC Cosmetology student, Madelyn Ammons. (Photo credit/ Brett Feight)

According to Pharris Shirley and Loreta Jones, Cosmetology Instructors at SCC, each of the student barbers demonstrated professionalism and confidence in their craft and had genuine enthusiasm while sharing their knowledge with each of the College’s students. Speaking on behalf of the Cosmetology Department, the instructors thanked Hair Masterz Barber College for their time and expressed their hopes of working together again to educate students.

Shirley and Jones expressed, “We’d like to thank Mr. Eric West who was very eager to expound on the fundamentals of Barbering and explain how barbering and cosmetology go together. We would also like to thank our models, Mr. Micheal Jones, Mr. Dale Irving, and Mr. Kevin Denkevitz. We appreciate this opportunity and hope we will be able to collaborate more in the future.”

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(Third from left) SCC Cosmetology Instructor, Loreta Jones, poses with members of Hair Masterz Barber College, led by Eric West (second from left). (Photo credit/ Brett Feight)

For more information about the Cosmetology program at SCC or how to enroll, visit www.sampsoncc.edu/cosmetology.

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