Hosting for the first time since 2020, on Wednesday, September 7, Sampson Community College (SCC) resumed its annual Scholar-Donor Picnic, celebrating the achievements of its 2022-2023 Foundation scholars and thanking the generous donors behind the awards. The event was sponsored by US. Foods, providing guests with a light fellowship meal.

Thanks to the continued generosity and support of SCC’s faithful sponsors, donors, and partners, this year, the Foundation was able to gift $130,000 in total scholarships for the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters, awarding over 100 scholarships to nearly 100 deserving students. The Foundation hopes to continue opening various educational opportunities to students and providing them with funds that will help cover incurred costs during their time at SCC.

2022 10 28 Scholar Donor Picnic all
SCC Foundation scholars, donors, and directors pictured at the 2022-2023 Scholar-Donor Picnic on September 7. (Photo credit/ Brett Feight)

Bill Fulton, President of the SCC Foundation, remarked that the Scholar-Donor Picnic is a special yearly event that gives the College the chance to celebrate its students and thank its donors in one big evening, while allowing both parties to connect with one another. Although it was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19, the event is a tradition the College hopes to continue in the future, with past Scholar-Donor events dating back to 2012.

“Anyone who drives by Sampson Community College over time, whether they are familiar with the institution or not, can tell that it is not a place that ‘sits still’— there’s a lot going on,” remarked Fulton. “That same forward-looking energy was uniquely on display at this year’s Scholar-Donor Picnic, as students who are passionate about their futures met with donors who share their vision of improving lives through educational opportunities.”

Similarly, Lisa Turlington, Executive Director of the Foundation, elaborated, “We were so happy to re-instate the Scholar-Donor Picnic again after missing two years during COVID-19. It gives us a chance to celebrate the generosity of our donors and the success of our students. It is a great opportunity for students to meet with the sponsors who help make education possible for them.”

2022 10 28 Scholar Donor Picnic fultons wiggins
This was the first time the College was able to host the picnic since 2020, due to COVID-19. (L to R) Bill Fulton, President of the Foundation and donor; Neal Wiggins, Tanner-Fulton Scholar; Steven Fulton, donor; and Melissa Fulton, donor. (Photo credit/ Brett Feight)

To apply for scholarships, students are encouraged to complete the Sampson Community College Foundation General Scholarship application by April 15 of each year and maintain a 2.5 GPA. The amount of the scholarship(s) is determined by the Foundation Executive Director based on donor preferences and in accordance with the Foundation lnvestment and Distribution Policies.

In addition to the Foundation General Scholarship, it is also highly recommended that students complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) yearly. Note that Career & College Promise (CCP) students are ineligible to apply for financial aid, as their tuition is already reduced.

Connor Carter, a recent recipient of the Star Communications Scholarship for the 2022-2023 academic year, elaborated on how it felt to earn the financial award for the Fall and Spring semesters. He’s currently an Associate of Science student at SCC who plans to graduate in Summer 2023 and transfer to Fayetteville State University to major in Biological Engineering. With the help of the scholarship from the Foundation, Carter explained that he can now save money on tuition before transfer, becoming one step closer to achieving his lifelong college and career goals.

He mentioned, “Upon opening the letter and witnessing the award, chills of excitement ran up and down my spine. Thanks to the scholarship, books and tuition now seem attainable. I remain grateful to Star Communications and the SCC Foundation for gifting me with the finances necessary to acquire an Associate of Science. With degree-in-hand, I plan to pursue a career in genetic engineering, and I can only imagine my excitement when reaching this childhood dream!”

2022 10 28 Scholar Donor Picnic fellowship
Scholars were able to meet and fellowship with the donors who made their financial awards possible. Pictured with Jonathan Williams (R) of the Foundation. (Photo credit/ Brett Feight)

Likewise, Victoria Spell, a recipient of the First Citizens Scholarship Award for 2022-2023, expressed her vast appreciation to both the SCC Foundation and the donors who financed her award for the Fall and Spring semesters. Thanks to Foundation scholarships such as First Citizens, Spell, a student in the Business Administration program at SCC, plans to transfer to Appalachian State after graduation to further her education.

“I was very grateful to be awarded this scholarship,” she explained. “The scholarship has helped me with purchasing a SD memory card for my computer, binders for my loose-leaf books, and other items needed for my schooling. I appreciate the work of the SCC Foundation to award the scholarship to those in need like myself. I am also very appreciative for the donors who financed my award as well as the awards for the other scholarship recipients at SCC.”

Sampson CC congratulates all of its Foundation scholarship recipients for the 2022-2023 academic year and extends its immense gratitude to the generous sponsors, donors, and partners who made the gifting of these awards possible. The College encourages students to complete both the 2023-2024 SCC Foundation General Scholarship application by April 15, 2023 and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to request aid for the upcoming Fall and Spring semesters.

For more information about the SCC Foundation or how to apply for scholarships, visit

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