On the afternoon of Tuesday, September 20, Sampson Community College (SCC) hosted its annual New Employee Luncheon for recently hired full-time faculty and staff who joined the College in 2021-2022. The luncheon allows new employees and the College’s administrative staff to connect and become acquainted with their colleagues over a light meal. Tuesday marked the first time SCC has held this event in two years, previously canceling due to COVID-19.

Since last November, SCC has hired around thirty new, full-time employees, not including the part-time faculty and staff who have since joined the College’s family as well. According to Frankie Sutter, Director of Personnel, as of August, SCC currently employs around 140 full-time faculty and staff members, as well as 130 part-time.

“This week we were able to return to hosting our New Employee Luncheon,” explained Dr. Bill Starling, President of SCC, in the College’s September newsletter. “It is always fun to meet our newest staff and faculty away from their office and classroom responsibilities. I sat at a table with a former Pee Dee-the-Pirate, a blueberry winemaker, and a trucker with more years’ experience trucking than with a driving license. The next table over even had a farrier. Our search committees have hired smart, happy, team-oriented folks– the room was full of them. As an institution, Sampson Community College continues to grow and evolve. The future of the College is secure.”

Likewise, Frankie Sutter voiced that she too is incredibly blessed to be able to work with such talented individuals, old and new, and oversee the entire hiring process at the College from start to finish. Like Starling, Sutter mentioned that SCC’s team continues to not just grow year after year, but become stronger. Great things are truly in store for Sampson CC.

Sutter elaborated, “I am extremely excited about this group of new hires. Each of them brings a different skill set to the campus. I am lucky enough to get the opportunity to meet them from the very beginning at the time of their submission of application, through the interview process and up until an offer of employment is made. The yearly New Employee Luncheon allows other administrative staff to get that same opportunity and learn more about these individuals. Our team at the College with both faculty and staff continues to get stronger each year. I look forward to watching these new hires do great things for SCC and its students.”

2022 10 14 SCC new employees 1
SCC’s new employees and administrative staff pictured at the 2021-2022 New Employee Luncheon.

Recently hired in August of 2022, Katie Butler, Human Services Technology Instructor at SCC, expressed that she has truly enjoyed her time at the College over the past few months. Formerly a high school counselor for Midway High School (MHS), Butler decided to switch to SCC and apply for the Human Services position because she believed her calling was to work with adult students and community members– preparing empathetic, caring individuals for the workforce. Through her new position, Butler hopes to increase awareness for the Human Services Technology program at Sampson, aid in its overall growth, and especially, educate students to the best of her ability in all she does.

Butler detailed, “As a new hire, my experience at Sampson Community College so far has been wonderful! All of my coworkers have been so helpful on this new journey, I can’t imagine starting this new position without the support group I have here at SCC. I have also loved working with my students, I can tell that each person in this program has a genuine love for helping others. I am fulfilled knowing there are future human service workers with genuine compassion for others entering the workforce. I am hoping to aid the growth of this program and the students we serve by ensuring all students within our community are aware of this program and what it truly is.”

2022 10 14 SCC new employees 2
On September 20, new faculty and staff were able to connect with the coworkers they’ll be working with during their time at Sampson. (Photo credit/ Brett Feight)

Sampson CC is incredibly thankful to all the faculty and staff who make learning at SCC possible. Whether full-time or part-time, old or new, each hire is valuable and essential to the success of the College and its students. SCC recognizes their continuous commitment and is thrilled to welcome numerous new employees this year. The College looks forward to seeing all they will do to help SCC and its students succeed.

Sampson Community College is always seeking qualified individuals to fill various job positions in every department on campus. Currently, the College has twelve job openings, with more opportunities being added and filled each day. Interested in starting a career at SCC? Don’t wait, visit www.sampsoncc.edu/jobs or contact Frankie Sutter at fsutter@sampsoncc.edu or 910.900.4043 to apply today.

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