On Tuesday, August 23, the Sampson Community College (SCC) Foundation met for their final quarterly meeting of the 2021-2022 fiscal period. The meeting reflected on the growth of the Foundation during the past year and marked many positive changes coming in 2022-2023, including the welcoming of new leaders.

During the 2021-2022 year, the Foundation was able to increase their yearly revenues by over 200% from the previous fiscal period. This is largely in part due to numerous endowed scholarship contributions, grant awards, planned gifts, and a $500,000 investment given by Lowe’s Companies, Inc. in April of 2022.

Thanks to the generosity and support of the College’s faithful donors and partners, the Foundation was able to award $130,000 in total scholarships for the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters. Over 100 scholarships were gifted to deserving students at SCC, helping them cover the cost of tuition, fees, supplies, and books. The Foundation hopes to continue this upwards trend of giving during the new fiscal year.

2021-2022 SCC Foundation Board of Directors
The 2021-2022 SCC Foundation Board of Directors, pictured with both departing and new members, at their final meeting of the fiscal period in August. (Photo credit/ Brett Feight)

The upcoming year will also bring about numerous changes in leadership, with the Foundation bidding farewell to six longtime Foundation directors: John Baxter, Roland Hall, Gary Mac Herring, Lethia Lee, Merrie McLamb, and Amelia Surratt, and electing nine new members to the Board.

Beginning in September 2022, the individuals chosen to serve one, three-year term on the Foundation Board of Directors are: Mary Brown, Former SCC Foundation Director and Former Director of Nursing; Alice Butler, Mayor of Roseboro; Reid Butler, Butler Faircloth Realty; Mandy DuBose, DuBose Strapping; CeCe Hudson, Hudson Farms; Pat Nobles, Truist Bank and Former Foundation Director; Tammy Peterson, Hubb’s Farm; Lew Starling, Mayor of Clinton, Smithfield Chicken and Barbecue, and Former Foundation Director; and Candy Taylor, Former SCC employee.

In a quote, newly elected Foundation director, Alice Butler, Mayor of Roseboro, voiced that she is highly anticipating working with the Board during her 2022-2025 term and hopes to support and promote the College’s essential course offerings to the community all throughout her directorship.

She elaborated, “Sampson Community College offers many programs that prepare students for transfer or occupations that are in high demand and are high paying. Not all students want or need a four-year college, and SCC offers numerous options. Our community workforce truly needs the many different skills that SCC teaches. I look forward to working with the members of the Foundation Board as we continue to advocate for the College.”

Returning SCC Foundation Board members welcomed the new directors formally on September 27, during the Foundation’s New Directors Orientation. (Photo credit/ Brett Feight)
Returning SCC Foundation Board members welcomed the new directors formally on September 27, during the Foundation’s New Directors Orientation. (Photo credit/ Brett Feight)

In addition to the departure of six directors, the SCC Foundation will also bid farewell to Anne Faircloth, President of the Foundation, who will be stepping down after completing her term and leading the Foundation from 2020-2022. She will be turning her position over to Bill Fulton, Vice President of the Foundation, as Grover Ezzell serves as the new Vice President in place of Fulton.

In a quote, Dr. Bill Starling, President of SCC, praised Faircloth for her many years of service to the Foundation and applauded her versatility during the pressured times of the pandemic. Because of her strong leadership, the Foundation continued to thrive, expand offerings on campus, and assist students financially amidst COVID-19. Sampson CC is immensely grateful to Faircloth for her continued and longtime dedication to both the College and student success.

On behalf of the staff and faculty, I would like to thank Anne for her service and leadership to the SCC Foundation,” Dr. Starling expressed. “Under her leadership the Foundation has successfully recruited and welcomed several new directors. She has worked with the investment committee to revise the Foundation’s investment practices and worked to support the College’s efforts to expand the truck driving and vocational training on campus. Anne led meetings that were conducted virtually during COVID and, with the recent passing of the gavel, welcomed the return to face-to-face meetings in the meeting last month. Everyone celebrates her commitment to Sampson County and the quality of life to all the students we serve. We are thankful to have benefitted from her service on behalf of SCC.

Speaking on the future of the Foundation, Dr. Starling voiced his appreciation towards Fulton for his previous years of service to the College and remarked that SCC is looking forward to seeing and supporting his efforts to successfully lead the Foundation through his new role as President.

We also welcome Bill Fulton, the incoming Foundation President, who continues the capable leadership the Foundation has enjoyed. Bill has always been an advocate of our mission and the important role SCC plays in the community. He brings his experience in agricultural business and familiarity with the challenges of local industry which informs our planning. We look forward to working in support of his efforts.

Like Dr. Starling, Lisa Turlington, Executive Director of the Foundation, has had the pleasure of working side-by-side both Faircloth and Fulton over the years during their time with the Board of Directors. In a quote, she too expressed her thankfulness to Faircloth for her work as President and mentioned her anticipation at Fulton stepping in as the new leader.

It has been a joy working with Anne who’s used her experience serving on multiple boards statewide and nationally to help elevate the processes and effectiveness of our Foundation. Sampson Community College has been the beneficiary of her dedication to improving educational access in southeastern NC.” Turlington continued, “Similarly, Bill has diligently served the Foundation and the College by rolling up his sleeves and working behind the scenes for years. He and his family are committed to education and Sampson County, and we are excited have him take the helm of the Foundation this year.

2020-2022 SCC Foundation President: Anne Faircloth, 2022-2024 Foundation President: Bill Fulton, 2022-2024 Foundation Vice President: Grover Ezzell
(From left) 2020-2022 SCC Foundation President: Anne Faircloth, 2022-2024 Foundation President: Bill Fulton, 2022-2024 Foundation Vice President: Grover Ezzell.

As the Foundation begins its new fiscal period, it looks back on 2021-2022 with immense gratitude. The College is excited to welcome new changes in leadership, with nine new members joining the Foundation Board of Directors and Bill Fulton taking over as Foundation President. SCC is immensely grateful to its departing directors and Anne Faircloth for their years of service. The Foundation is looking forward to continuing the success brought about by the 2021-2022 year and expects a bright 2022-2023 to come!

“This is an exciting year for the Foundation as we see new faces as well as longtime supporters join the leadership of our board,” aspired Turlington. “I look forward to working with this dynamic group of community leaders!”

For more information on the SCC Foundation, how to give, or how to apply for scholarships for 2023-2024, visit www.sampsoncc.edu/foundation.

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