On Friday, March 25, Senator Brent Jackson paid a visit to Sampson Community College (SCC) to tour the college’s new facilities and discuss SCC’s role in serving Sampson County.

Senator Jackson began the morning by eating breakfast with SCC’s Board of Trustees and Senior Administrative Team before visiting the new Transportation training site in SCC’s Industrial Park. Later on, he was also able to explore SCC’s newly completed Welding Building and walk the campus grounds.

2022 04 01 NC Senator Brent Jackson
(From left to right) Dr. William Starling, Senator Brent Jackson, and Dr. Ted Thomas smile for a photo in front of SCC’s Warren Student Center. (Photo credit/ Lisa Turlington)

Dr. William Starling, President of SCC, recalled the visit with Senator Jackson and remarked on how they were able to converse about future plans and hopes for the college during their time together. In a quote, Dr. Starling graciously thanked Senator Jackson for his continuous support of Sampson CC, economically and orally. Because of Senator Jackson’s advocacy, SCC is consistently able to expand, offer, and provide more educational programs and facilities to all of Sampson County.

2022 04 01 NC Senator Brent Jackson 2
(From left to right) Dr. Ted Thomas and Dr. William Starling of SCC chat with Senator Brent Jackson while touring SCC’s truck driving site. (Photo credit/ Lisa Turlington)

Dr. Starling voiced, “On Friday morning our Board welcomed former trustee Brent Jackson for a breakfast and informal discussion about North Carolina community colleges and Sampson CC’s role in serving Sampson County. We were able to give Senator Jackson a tour of the new truck driving site and thank him for his support of the road addition that opened the truck driving site into the Industrial Park. We had many of the major financial pieces of the project put together but were unable to move forward without the road extension. His support provided us a way to move forward. The road, an addition to Industrial Drive, will be paved this Spring allowing full access to the training field. This year we also received a special allocation of $1.5 million to continue to develop the training facilities for truck driving. During our site visit, we were able to describe how these funds would be used to help us expand out training to include truck maintenance.”

He specifically said of Senator Jackson, “We are fortunate to have members of the North Carolina General Assembly who are advocates for us. We want to thank Senator Jackson for taking his time to meet with us, tour the campus, and become familiar with the way Sampson CC is trying to work on behalf of Sampson County.”

2022 04 01 NC Senator Brent Jackson 3
Senator Jackson poses for a picture with SCC Board of Trustees member Catherine Ezzell Joyner. (Photo credit/ Lisa Turlington)

Similarly, Dr. Ted Thomas, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at SCC, also expressed his immense gratitude towards Senator Jackson for taking the time to visit the college and meet with its leaders. On behalf of SCC’s Board of Trustees, he too thanked Senator Jackson for his ongoing support and appreciation of Sampson CC.

Dr. Thomas declared, “We enjoyed having Senator Jackson for breakfast and appreciate his affection and appreciation of the college. Our Board is always happy to share ideas and discuss how to improve Sampson Community College.”

Lisa Turlington, Dean of Advancement and Executive Director of the Foundation, also had the pleasure of meeting and escorting Senator Jackson around the college premises. Speaking on behalf of the SCC Foundation, she too graciously thanked him for his endless support of SCC in all he does.

2022 04 01 NC Senator Brent Jackson 4
Lisa Turlington of the SCC Foundation helps guide and show Senator Jackson around campus. (Photo credit/ Krista Lewis)

She stated, “It was a pleasure hosting the Senator on campus and sharing some of the new programing and construction projects with him. Both his support and advocacy allow Sampson Community College to develop training and education to meet the needs of our regional economy.”

Sampson Community College extends its vast appreciation towards Senator Brent Jackson for taking the time to visit the college and meet with its Board of Trustees and Senior Administrative Team. His long-time and continuous support of Sampson CC is highly cherished, for his advocacy provides a way for SCC to continuously move forward and positively impact Sampson County through higher education.

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