Each year, the Sampson Community College Foundation hosts its annual Campus Drive fundraising event. The College’s employees come together and pledge to donate and support student scholarships, staff and faculty development, and other program support. Sampson Community College has a proud history of 100% participation by all full-time employees in this cornerstone campaign that kicks off Foundation giving and events each fiscal year. Year after year, employee commitment to this campaign speaks to the College’s mission, and employee commitment to college and student development. 

The SCC Foundation selects a theme and SCC employees are divided into teams and compete to encourage participation and increase the fun of Campus Drive. This year, the Advancement team at SCC chose a superhero theme, and dubbed the tagline, “Sampson conquers the Campus Drive” for its annual event on Wednesday, October 6. As usual, employees pulled out all the stops when it came to costumes.

Members of the Education, Business, and Human Services Technology Division showed their spirit in matching superhero costumes. (Photo Credit, Megan Bednar)

“The Campus Drive kicks off Foundation fundraising for the year, and our staff and faculty set the bar high with full participation. They see on a daily basis the impact these gifts have on students and families. The superhero theme this year was fitting on so many levels,” Lisa Turlington, Dean of Advancement and Executive Director of the Foundation, shared. 

Dr. Susan Baxter is this year’s Faculty EXCEL Award recipient. (Photo Credit, Cheyenne M. Davis)

In addition to fundraising and costumes, the SCC Foundation also awards Faculty & Staff EXCEL Awards at Campus Drive, awarded to employees who go the extra mile. Employees are nominated by colleagues and coworkers but are selected by a committee. Often, EXCEL presentations are a favorite portion of the Campus Drive events. This year’s winners are Dr. Susan Baxter and Myra Gray. 

Nominators and nominees must be full-time employees for at least three years. After all nominations are received, an anonymous EXCEL Selection Committee reviews candidates and makes their selection. 

President of SCC, Dr. Bill Starling, says Baxter’s contributions to education extend beyond her service as a division chair at SCC.

“We add our congratulations to Dr. Susan Baxter for myriad contributions to students, as a faculty member, advisor, mentor, and academic leader,” Starling commented. “Susan’s contributions are not limited to SCC. She has and continues to be an important contributor to the cooperative efforts of the North Carolina Community College System and the University of North Carolina System in the development of new and responsive pathways to prepare public school teachers in our state.” 

Myra Gray is this year’s Staff EXCEL Award recipient. (Photo Credit, Cheyenne M. Davis)

Baxter is the Division Chair of Education, Business and Human Services Technology, while her EXCEL counterpart, Myra Gray, is a member of our campus operations team. Starling says Gray’s commitment to supporting campus activities and employees makes her an excellent fit for this award. 

“Myra Gray’s title of Housekeeping Supervisor does not convey the scope of her work and the important role she continues to play in the development of the campus and in providing support for campus activities,” Starling shared. “Drawing on her horticulture training at SCC, Myra has been an important team member in our landscape projects. She and her team members allow us to drive into a campus that we are proud of.”

Turlington echoed these thoughts.

“Dr. Baxter’s dedication to her students is a shining example of her commitment to serving others. She understands how pathways to careers can impact entire families. Susan is also a strong advocate for her staff and faculty, and cultivates a spirit of teamwork and comradery,” Turlington remarked. 

She added that Gray’s tenacity and yearly commitment to leading Campus Drive efforts show her campus support.

“Myra is at the hub of all that happens here at the college, and her work behind the scenes is critical to everyone’s success. She is always willing to help with events and projects and is a great sport for costumes and competitions,” Turlington concluded.

EXCEL Award finalists included Alonza Royal, Benita Hayes, Ashley Register, and Amanda Bradshaw.

Next on the Sampson Community College Foundation’s event schedule is the 19th Annual Sampson Classic Golf Tournament on Friday, November 5 at Coharie Country Club. Visit http://www.sampsoncc.edu/golf for more information.

About Sampson Community College: Sampson Community College is a member of the North Carolina Community College System, located in Clinton, NC in Sampson County. The college offers many programs to include two-year degrees, college transfer, continuing education and workforce development options, and early college education.