Over the years, members of the Sampson Community College Board of Trustees have come and gone. But, for the past several years, Sandra Carroll and Herb Sanderson have remained as voices of reason. Once again on Tuesday night, Carroll and Sanderson were reappointed for four-year terms with the Board of Trustees. Each says they are committed to doing the work and pushing forward for continued progress at the college.

Carroll was appointed by the Sampson County Board of Commissioners in 2012 and immediately accepted the role, eager to begin serving in education again after she retired from Sampson County Schools. The Sampson County native saw the opportunity as the chance to share her years of insight with leaders at the College and provide fresh enthusiasm. Since she joined the Board, she’s seen it, and Sampson Community College, grow and change.

“We have a great college. We [the Board of Trustees] don’t agree on everything, but we’re not complainers. We have a good mix, and it’s about what’s best for the students, number one, and what’s best for the faculty, number two,” Carroll stated.

Herb Sanderson (left) and Sandra Carroll (middle) were sworn in by fellow board member and Clerk of Court, Chris Fann (right) Tuesday night. (Photo Credit, Cheyenne McNeill)

After being appointed to Vice Chair, Carroll made it her goal to create a culture of commitment and community among board members. For Carroll, that started with regular phone calls with members of the Board, ensuring that each member felt heard, and guaranteeing that she stayed in communication with her fellow board members.

“We’ve grown in leaps and bounds, and it’s not just because of the Board, it’s because of Dr. Starling and his administration too,” Carroll commented.

Like Carroll, Herb Sanderson is quite familiar with the function of local systems. Combined, he spent over 30 years working with the state government, and as a school administrator with Sampson County Schools. His extensive experience gives him a detailed understanding of how federal, state, and local budgets function. When Sampson County Schools appointed Sanderson for the Board of Trustees in 2018, he felt prepared to take on the role and work with motivated board members.

“…I understand the service that the College provides to the communities that surround it… I feel that all members have a desire to see that the college not only grows but continues to offer many different avenues for students and adults.” Sanderson stated.

For the Board of Trustees, Sanderson says cohesiveness and unity have become key factors and a driving force. That unity ripples into the Board’s relationship with President Starling, whom Sanderson, like Carroll, says the Board trusts and expects to continue moving the College in a positive direction.

Now, as he approaches his second term, Sanderson says community growth and expansion continue to be major goals for him as a board member. As Sampson County grows, ensuring that Sampson Community College works as an agent for workforce improvement and educational opportunity remains important to the Board, but serves as a personal goal for Sanderson.

“I also feel the need to focus on creating more educational opportunities to improve the workforce in Sampson County and surrounding areas. I wish that all individuals seeking a career change, or just simply hoping to reach their greatest potential, will be successful in whatever they do,’ Sanderson remarked. “SCC can assist them in achieving their goals.”

President of Sampson Community College, Dr. Bill Starling says its Carroll and Sanderson’s commitments to education in Sampson County that have made their service to the Board of Trustees so meaningful.

“Sampson Community College is fortunate to enjoy the leadership and support of a diverse group of trustees that understand and embrace the mission of SCC. Herb Sanderson and Sandra Carroll have been a very important part of our college’s growth and development. I was encouraged to see these trustees reappointed,” Starling expressed.

Carroll and Sanderson were sworn in for their reappointments on Tuesday, March 14 at the regularly scheduled Board of Trustees board meeting at Sampson Community College.

About Sampson Community College: Sampson Community College is a member of the North Carolina Community College System, located in Clinton, NC in Sampson County. The college offers many programs to include two-year degrees, college transfer, continuing education and workforce development options, and early college education.