For the first time since its inception, students from the Career and College Promise Program (CCP) at Sampson Community College met the criteria to be selected as marshals for graduation. The students, Katie Bauman and Olivia Gillespie, both attend Clinton High School.

There are three requirements for meeting the criteria of being selected as a marshal: The student has the highest GPA in the program area, is currently enrolled in the degree program, and has completed at least 30 hours of the program curriculum. Bauman and Gillespie both met these requirements in their respective programs.

Bauman will attend Clemson University in South Carolina this fall. She intends to pursue medical school after completing her undergraduate studies. (Courtesy photo)

Bauman says she wasn’t even aware CCP students were eligible. “I was really taken aback. I really can’t believe it,” she expressed.

She noted that her mom and dad shared in her excitement. “My parents were very excited. They sat me down and told me,” she shared.

A senior, Bauman plans to attend Clemson University in South Carolina this fall, where she intends to major in Genetics and Biochemistry. At Clinton High School, Bauman spent time as the President of the Key Club, was Vice President of the Senior Class, and a member of the National Honor Society. An avid baker, she even started a baking club and invited her peers to join within the last few months.

(Courtesy photo)

This is a large benefit of the CCP program, students can make strides in their college education—Bauman and Gillespie have both completed over 36 hours of coursework at SCC—while staying involved at their high schools. Often, students participate in several sports and clubs, all while attending classes at SCC. Each year, several students in the program complete associate degrees as well.

Gillespie, a junior at Clinton High School, is no exception to this rule. A two-sport athlete, she also is a member of DECA, the National Honor Society, Key Club, and the Student Government Association.

Gillespie has made plans to attend Governor’s School West at High Point University in Greensboro this summer where she’ll study social sciences. (Courtesy photo)

For Gillespie, being a marshal seemed like a reward for the effort she had put into each course. “It felt really great because it felt like my hard work finally paid off,” she exclaimed.

Gillespie has continued to see her hard work pay off. She was selected to attend Governor’s School West at High Point University in Greensboro this Summer.

Both students say the key to balancing the load of being a CCP student has been planning and prioritizing. When things don’t go as planned, they both say they stay calm and just adapt as necessary.

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“I’m very thankful to be a marshal and very glad to take classes at the College,” Gillespie concluded.

Recognition as a marshal is important and an immense accomplishment, despite the postponement of graduation. The College celebrates with these students and all students named as marshals.

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