On November 20, 2019 at the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education Symposium in Phoenix, AZ, Nathan McKee accepted the National Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) in Cyber Defense Education certificate on behalf of Sampson Community College (SCC).

Sampson Community College is now certified through 2024 and is one of three community colleges in the state to receive this certification.

Nathan McKee joined Sampson Community College in 2017 as an instructor and quickly became the Department Chair of the Information Technology program. During his tenure, the program has experienced many new developments to help make its graduates more marketable.

McKee spoke about his path to achieving this certification, “Though the 18-month application process was very time-consuming, it did help us verify that our Systems Security program meets the strict standards of the NSA and DHS. Students can be assured that what is taught in the classroom will be relevant when they enter the workforce.”

PHOTO/CREDIT: Nathan McKee accepts the CAE Cyber Defense Education certificate from his mentor, Dr. Deanne Cranford-Wesley. (Nathan McKee)

The certificate is presented in recognition of significant contributions in support of the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education. As SCC produces more skilled workers with cyber defense expertise, the college is effectively strengthening national security.

Earning this certification demonstrates the program’s credibility to prospective students and reassures potential employers that its graduates have the necessary skills to be successful.

“We are now CAE accredited, which is a great asset for the program, but this is only a starting point,” says McKee. “The Cybersecurity threats that are currently faced by our nation and businesses will continue to change and adapt. Our program will therefore need to be continually changed and adapted to meet these ever-changing threats.”

The Information Technology (IT) curriculum at SCC prepares graduates for employment in the technology sector as designers, testers, support technicians, system administrators, developers, or programmers who use computer software and\or hardware to design, process, implement and manage information systems in specialties such as database services, security, business intelligence, healthcare informatics and others depending on the technical path selected within the curriculum. To begin your career in computer technology, contact Nathan McKee at nmckee@sampsoncc.edu.

About Sampson Community College: Sampson Community College is a member of the North Carolina Community College System, located in Clinton, NC in Sampson County. The college offers many programs to include two-year degrees, college transfer, continuing education and workforce development options, and early college education.